Time To Make Some Major Changes???

I have tried to write this post several times and every draft sounded to me like I was being self-serving.  I want to learn how to serve others rather than myself.  I know that requires humility, true humility.  I’m just not sure I even know what that is anymore, so, I decided to just write this as matter-of-factly as I can and pray that it comes off sounding like something less than a humble brag.  I hope it works.

Several people have asked me to expand my blogging efforts.  More specifically, I have been asked to add a weekly podcast to my blogs.  It was even suggested that I might work toward the ultimate goal of hosting my own on-line talk show.  I have finally decided that this is something I should try to do.  Therefore, I will be meeting with several people who have offered to help me make this happen.  I don’t know how fast it will happen, or even if it will succeed, but I do know that, if I do this, I want to make sure I do it in a way that will best serve you.  I suspect this will necessitate some major changes to my blogging efforts.  These changes will affect everything from the way my blog pages look and function to the way I present my materials to you. I will do my best to notify you of any changes and explain why I am making them before they happen.  Now, if you’ll please forgive me for a few more days, I have a lot of work to do behind the scenes.

[NOTE: I would sincerely welcome any thoughts or comments any of you might have on this matter.  Please post them in the comment section below.  I do not mind if you do so anonymously.  All I ask is that you please be honest and truthful with me so I can profit from any council you may offer.]

5 thoughts on “Time To Make Some Major Changes???

  1. Humility is the hardest lesson of all. As soon as you feel you’ve “nailed it” something else surfaces that betrays a deep conviction of just how far off the mark you are. Stay honest and dependant on Him. He knows the way.

    Date: Wednesday, 17 February 2021 at 2:48 am
    To: Eleni Arapoglou
    Subject: [New post] Time To Make Some Major Changes???

    Black3Actual posted: ” I have tried to write this post several times and every draft sounded to me like I was being self-serving. I want to learn how to serve others rather than myself. I know that requires humility, true humility. I’m just not sure I even kn”

  2. We need more voices. There are some big shoes to fill. American values and principles are on the line. All voices of responsibility are needed. You are in a unique position to contribute to the saving of those principles. You have in depth historical and biblical knowledge, you have a strong relationship with God. You have a desire to serve others. Those are gifts to share. Jump in there. Your audience and your critics will keep you humble! Also remember that those who serve others also serve themselves, or they wouldn’t do it. As we grow, so you grow, together. It’s a tandem thing. Can’t have one aspect without the other, and be true to yourself. All gifts you give to others start with God’s gift to you. I would love to see Conservative broadcasting linked somehow, so that it would be easy to find all the individual voices out there reaching people. Rush’s audience will disperse to many. We need an easy way to connect, unite. Thought you might enjoy this article. https://www.brenthamachek.com/post/understanding-and-embracing-the-role-of-the-21st-century-american-dissident. Your thoughts?

  3. Another thought. What is to become of the EIB Network? Did Rush leave plans for its future use? Could his network become the repository for new voices to emerge? Could it be used to unite all the varied Conservative broadcasters and podcasters? Just thinking out loud.

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