China offers to send 250,000 troops to D.C.

I told people this would happen. I called this one 100% dead-on, and I did it before the election. Folks, think of me whatever you will, but I know what is going to happen if Biden is allowed to take office (and I know what will happen if he isn’t, too — and neither option is good).


  1. It’s good that a screen shot was taken … tweet is no longer available… Yes, Joe , you did call it … If one has eyes to see and ears to hear and use discernment, then one knows what lies ahead … TY, Joe, for answering God’s call to be the watchman on the wall and sounding warnings…I look forward to reading your insights … I have wanted and appreciated straight forward, candid talk… please continue …Robert

  2. This is obviously not true. How do people believe this nonsense? You really think China offered to send 250,000 troops to the US? And Joe Biden or anyone else would allow that to happen? You clearly are not in touch with reality

    1. In reply to Emily:

      ‘Obviously false???” Probably, but necessarily. I posted this because it is NOT so ‘obviously false.’

      Earlier this year, I posted a rather long, boring intelligence brief from unconstrained analytics. In that brief, it mentioned a paper put out by a Left-Wing think tank, like the one that put out the Event 201 report ‘war-gaming’ the exact response to a pandemic the Left has demanded we follow since covid ‘hit’ us. They wrote the Event 201 paper in Oct 2019.

      Anyway, back to the Unconstrained Analytics white paper. In it, the Left-Wing group (which I strongly suspect is the same group actually behind Biden), ‘mused’ about the possibility of using U.N. troops to help quell ‘Right-Wing Terrorist’ who refuse to accept the fake Biden victory. Have you seen all the connections Biden and the American Left have to China? They are practically the same organization. Have you seen how prominent China has become in the U.N., or the growth of its military presence around the world? They have troops in or are building bases in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

      So, NO! It is not ‘obvious’ that this is fake — not to anyone keeping up with current events.

    2. Oh yeah ??
      How about you ! Your stupidity is ………..
      Please read !!!! Make your own research ……………ohhhhhhh !!!!! For sure you support Biden & Antifa Rigth ??

      1. In reply to ‘Anonymous:’

        Well, if you think I’m stupid, then I won’t be expecting to see you on this or any of my blogs in the future, will I? 🙂

        And, if you think I am a Biden or ANTIFA supporter… Well, obviously, you haven’t read anything on this or any of my other blogs EXCEPT this post. So, either way, I won’t be expecting to see you here again. 🙂

    3. How’d they know ? Same reason China asked Canada if China could send groups over here to learn how to fight in our climate

    1. In reply to Frank O Gordon:

      Oh, I expect they wouldn’t go over very well — not at all. That said, there are persistent reports that the U.S. military is divided and — “possibly” — some factions are even fighting against the main body. It all depends on who you believe (and/or how much research you’ve done).

  3. Ok. Unless someone can produce the ORIGINAL tweet from UN or China Ping himself, I call this false or unverifiable at the very least.

    1. Agreed. However, we do know — meaning it has been verified — that we have Chinese troops in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. How many Chinese troops, and why they are really there is still an open question, but they are there and that is a — err — should have been an item for concern.

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