Before You Fall For The UFO Set-Up They Are Creating…

In the event that you have not seen any of it, there have been a stream of stories about UFO’s and how they are real and the government has been keeping it a secret. Whether or not you believe this is up to you. However, before you go down that road, I ask you to consider the following (and, trust me, you want to work through this material):

I have previously written about this idea of using big threats to manipulate the population into surrendering to the ruling elite on my other blog, ontheroadtodamascus:

Fear and ‘Crisis:’ We’ve Been Repeatedly Warned!

Now, before you dismiss the premise in this video or my blog post, please understand that all of these different ‘threats’ go back to the notion of ‘The Moral Equivalent of War.’ From a previous post on this blog:



I want to start with a speech given by President Jimmy Carter.  I’ve chosen this speech because it is not only connected to the issue of ‘Climate Change,’ but it is also one of the easy examples to expose and explain.  The speech was given on April 18. 1977.  In this speech, President Carter connected the energy crisis to something he called ‘the moral equivalent of war.’  That phrase — ‘the moral equivalent of war’ — is a ‘dog whistle’ phrase for those who are behind all of this.

OK, back to the notion of weaponizing space: have you ever heard of Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ or Trump’s ‘Space Force?’ They may just be coincidences, but they might also be visible signs of what this woman is discussing. I suppose which way you decide to lean depends on how much you trust the government. I don’t know, and I don’t care. It’s none of my business what you believe. All I do is offer the information I have found in my reading so that you can use it to decide for yourself. However, if I were asked my opinion on this subject, I would answer in a way that would take us down an entirely different rabbit hole. 😉

3 thoughts on “Before You Fall For The UFO Set-Up They Are Creating…

  1. Thanks for your timely article on this subject.

    A few evenings ago a young fellow in the parking lot at the supermarket stopped me to show me on his phone device what happened when, the night before, he took a photo of the full moon with it. Superimposed over the shadow of the full moon against a night sky was without a doubt what appeared to be the face not of the man-in-the-moon according to our traditional vernacular, but instead the creepy, weird face of an alien. He then showed me a few picture of people who, with the program on his device, whatever that was, he was able to “read their auras” as lines of changing colors outlined the faces of his friends.

    My gut told me that what this kid was showing me is a hideous example of how Big Tech is expanding upon the evils of technology to engage young kids like this fellow to buy into what is described in this video by Carol Rossen (sp). There was a sense of desperation about this kid that was disconcerting. This weird image was not something he had photomontaged with a photoshop program; instead this phenomenon was clearly the result of computer programming.

    Recently, another “close encounter” reveals a manufacturer of lifelike dolls, Ashton Drake, is now producing their “Lumena Alien Baby Doll,” a doll for adults the company has conceived so that they can profiteer from the tyranny of communism.

    That being said, relevant to your post, it was John F. Kennedy who championed NASA and the space program.

    It was also John F. Kennedy and later LBJ who did everything within their power to advance weather engineering that has become climate control, his global system of communication satellites — all for the “benefit” of “peace.” Some of
    footage from Kennedy’s speeches have been scrubbed from the Internet.

    And LBJ who claimed in his speech at the Southwest Texas University, “He who controls the weather controls the world:”

    As if all of this isn’t freakish enough and we haven’t anything else to concern ourselves with, perhaps we now fear offending aliens:

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