LESSONS IN LOGIC: The REAL Goal(s) Behind The Lock-Downs?

We now have several very good studies that have clearly demonstrated that the masks and social distancing do not stop the spread of viruses. Neither do lock-downs. So, anyone who is still claiming that ‘science’ says the masks, distancing and lock-downs are effective is either demonstrating that they do not understand real science, or they actually support the real goal behind these practices. There is no middle ground: you are either ignorant, or a tyrant. So, what are the goals behind the masks, distancing and lock-downs? Well, let’s look at what they are actually doing to our society to see if we can find any clues.

First, the mask dehumanizes while keeping you scared. Both combine to make you docile and submissive to authority. The masks also help the powers that be to identify those who will not obey their tyrannical dictates. All they have to do is watch who refuses to wear the mask, or who speaks out against them and record our names (and believe me, they are doing exactly that).

Second, social distancing does nothing more than isolate us, which then leads to a sense of insecurity. This re-enforces the sense of helplessness and fear instilled by the mask mandates, and to making us submissive as we no longer have the comfort of others to tell us we are not alone. This also leads to an increase in depression and suicide, and the statistics are showing this.

As for the lock-downs, we need look no further than to whom they apply. Small businesses and religion are being destroyed by these lock-downs, but the corporate partners of these tyrants are not only exempted from the bands, they are also the ones receiving the majority of the ‘stimulus’ funding. Why would this be? These big box stores are making record profits, mostly because they are the only places allowed to stay open. So, they are the least in need of government help. The same applies to religious institutions. They are not being allowed to operate, but strip clubs are? Clearly, the goal of the lock-downs has nothing to do with protecting people from a virus.

In addition to these issues, the tyrants are telling us we cannot go to weddings or funerals, or visit the elderly members of our families, the people who are in most need of personal contact outside of their small little circles. The result is that we are being told to shut down our lives for the sake of preserving our lives. Now, where have I heard this sort of tyrannical thinking before? OH! I remember: “We have to abandon the free market to save the free market.”

But we never went back to the free market, did we? Hey! Wait! Come to think of it, all of these mask-distancing-lock-down mandates are coming from people who don’t believe in individual rights and liberty, or private property, or the free market. These things also serve to dehumanize (i.e. destroy the individual) and destroy private property and the free market. Gee, now that I think of it, it’s almost as all of these mandates are meant to destroy our ability to take care of ourselves and to make us dependent upon government for our very survival. But who would ever do such a thing? I mean, no one would ever try that in America, right?

5 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: The REAL Goal(s) Behind The Lock-Downs?

  1. It is imperative that one study Marxism and its implementation via revolution … in the US it is via cultural Marxism ( at least at this point in time ) …. the study of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 would point to things that were attacked to remove from the fabric of society and its culture…these same attacks are now taking place in this country… Scripture tells us “ My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge “ …may I encourage examining history

  2. https://cf5e727d-d02d-4d71-89ff-9fe2d3ad957f.filesusr.com/ugd/adf864_411c766e79174b17b8911fcae08722b1.pdf “COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective” CDC selectively changed how they recorded deaths for Covid-19 exclusively. Then the recorded data was used to support lockdown policies. Every agency, CDC, NIH, WHO, etc is in lockstep to use Covid 19 to push the Globalist agenda under the Great Reset. Governors and mayors have their marching orders. It’s no wonder many continue to destroy the lives of the people they represent. Who they really represent is the Global elite, their benefactors. Those benefactors want to destroy small businesses, and entrepreneurs. They don’t fit into their plan. The Great Reset can be searched at the World Economic Forum website. They hide in plain site. We should all be familiar with this group and their followers and supporters. They are spearheading “Transhumanism”
    science. Their evil goal is singularity, the melding of man and machine, and control of all facets of human lives.

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