A Simple Question That DEMANDS An Answer

What we are witnessing in the fight over the 2020 U.S. Presidential election is nothing less than the continuation of the coup that started before President Trump was even inaugurated in 2016. I will not cover all the evidence of ‘voting irregularities’ (i.e. vote fraud); I’ve already provided that information in previous posts. The point here is that there is evidence, it is overwhelming and it is factually irrefutable. The problem is that both sides — yes, both sides — are ignoring the evidence. The question is, why?

3 thoughts on “A Simple Question That DEMANDS An Answer

    1. Trsut me, I know it is on both sides. Just keep those suggestions to the most credible you can find. I left out a ton of them for the same reason. We need to be a source others can trust, so we must guard credibility jealously.

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