Time For A Second Party

The Founders warned us not to allow Party politics to develop in this country but, as usual, we didn’t listen to the voice of wisdom. So, if we are going to be saddled by Party politics, I think it’s high time we start a true second Party.

Why do I say we need a second Party when we already have the Democrats and Republicans? The answer is simple: the Republicans are not really a true second Party. By that, I mean they are not an opposition Party. They say they embrace ‘conservative’ principles but, in practice, they execute Left-Wing policy. If they are in the minority, they almost always end up caving in to the Democrat Party’s demands and, when they are in power, they seem to do everything possible to ‘out-Democrat’ the Democrat Party.

Seriously, just take a look at the Republican record since the Gingrich Contract with America. The GOP has, several times, passed the largest spending bills in history to that point; presided over huge deficits; allowed propaganda to be legalized in America; allowed all of our rights to be eroded; ‘abandoned the free market to save the free market;’ refused to eradicate Obamacare or stop abortion; continued wars in nations where we no longer have a national interest; and the list goes on, and on, and on,……

How do we explain this? Well, if we will bother to listen, we have Caroll Quigley’s book, “Tragedy & Hope,” in which he — an Trilateralist insider with open access to the organizations archives — informed us that the two Parties are really one Party pretending to be two. The idea is to provide we, the People, with the illusion that we can vote people out of office while insuring their global policies will continue no matter which Party is currently in power. If viewed with sober eyes, this explanation is the best explanation for the way we see the D’s and R’s behave. It explains all observed evidence in a simple and reasonable way. Personally, I have long ago accepted this as the truth of what is actually happening.

Still, there is another explanation: the Republicans are just as power-hungry as the Democrats but, unlike the Democrats, the GOP focuses on things other than accumulating power. So, instead of rocking the boat, the Republicans go along to get along. In essence, they have become a welfare Party: feeding off the power of the Left in the same way the Left feeds of the wealth of the producers.

Either way, no matter how you wish to explain it, the truth is clear: the Republican Party does not want to present any real opposition to the march toward Socialism. At best, they will present the image of a wall against the Democrat agenda, but that wall — when closely examined — doesn’t ever stop the Democrat agenda. At best, it appears to block it, but, in reality, all they do is slow it. Why slow something instead of actually stopping or even reversing it? Simple: to provide a pressure release so that the People won’t feel forced to actually push back against the system — like they did with the TEA Party. Or have you forgotten how the GOP declared the TEA Party DOA, then co-opted it and, eventually, made it go away?

You see, the TEA Party was the right idea, but, instead of actually staying with the goal of creating a new, real opposition Party, they allowed themselves to get absorbed by the GOP. Once that happened, the TEA Party was doomed. Now, President Trump has given us another chance — like Ross Perot tried to do back in the 1990’s. The question this time is:

Will we, the People, finally wake up and find the courage and the energy to create a new Party that will actually oppose the D-R Party for a change? Or will we allow the GOP to once again disarm the outrage and push us back down into our role as serfs — like it’s talking heads are already telling us we have to do?

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