Dear Reader,

What I am about to tell you is heart-felt and sincere.  I believe every word.  I believe because I have spent a lifetime research and learning and, now, I can see enough of the big picture that I feel compelled to warn whoever will listen and heed my warning!

The world is about to be assaulted by a group of people who literally believe they are their own gods.  They have actually used that exact language.  They think they are above humanity, and the Laws of Nature, and they seek to rule to world.  They have been planning their takeover for a very, very long time and, now, they believe their time has come.  What is about to happen to the world has never been seen before.  If you do not prepare — NOW — you may not survive!  And, yes, I mean this literally, because the people behind this coming assault sincerely believe they need to de-populate the world, so they do not mind if they ‘break a few eggs’ while making their ‘omelette.’

What is coming?  Nothing short of a New World Order, only they are calling it a ‘Reset.’  If you have not been researching the NWO, then I cannot say this strongly enough: START LISTENING TO GLENN BECK!  Set aside whatever feelings you have about him and listen to his radio show.  If you can afford it, join the Blaze TV and start watching his Wednesday specials.  He is the only one telling you the truth about what his happening and why.  But even then, it is not so much Glenn as it is his research team and the people who talk to Glenn behind the scenes.  Glenn is just the mouthpiece for these people, but he is still one of — if not the — most important voice in the public square today.  He is light years ahead of Limbaugh and even Levin.

If you do not have a close ‘conspiracy theory’ friend who really knows what is going on, then I beg you, start listening.  Join The Blaze TV and watch the specials.  Nothing in your material world is more important right now — NOTHING!

9 thoughts on “WE ARE OUT OF TIME!!!

  1. IMHO…. Glenn Beck has proven himself over and over again to be the Controlled Opposition. He is fundamentally anti-Second Amendment….. supports the Deep State power structure as he’s proven with his continued support of Mitt Romney and Senator Reid ( because they are Mormons). And is still a Never-Trumper.

    He’s kind of like Dan Crenshaw from Texas….. a former Military Officer supposed conservative…. and yet he STRONGLY supports Red Flag laws. Even was one of the 72 “conservative” republoicans who voted for it contained within the recent NDAA re-authorization. Has said he supports Red Flag laws in TEXAS !!

    No…. sorry…. we can’t afford Liberalism in the back door from the likes of Crenshaw and Beck.

    There are other people who are better…. Dan Bongino for instance…. Even Candice Owens.

    1. My friend,

      With GREAT respect, I disagree. Beck’s actual spoken word on radio is opposite of your assertions here — at least of late. He has said he is a lifetime member of the NRA, though he has also warned that the NRA is weakening and can no longer be trusted to take a hard line against gun grabbers. He has advised listeners to look at another gun-rights organization (name escapes me at the moment). He has also stressed the imperative to retain the 2nd Amendment — especially in the face of what he has called growing tyranny.

      Beck is definitely anti-deep state. Heck, were it not for Beck, we wouldn’t even be using that term. HE exposed Wilson and the Progressives, no one else, and he continues to name names and expose both their plans and methods.

      Recently, Beck has been just this side of hostile toward Reed and Romney this year — especially Romney.

      So, as a listener who follows behind Beck with a magnifying glass, I do not see what you see. Sorry.

      1. Hey tell Utah I can’t get on his site anymore. I’m not on Fakebook or Tweeter …. so tried wordpress and said there was already a ” donameche’…. tried to do a different version such as Don Amechee etc…. won’t allow me on ??

        But I am still reading you guys…. just am locked out of commenting.

        1. Don,

          I looked, because Utah never took away my admin status, but I cannot find a list of readers. I found the users directory, but you weren’t in there. SO, unfortunately, I don’t know how to help.

          As for this site… WP has changed their editing system. I have been trying to do so, but I cannot seem to adapt to the new block editor. They say it is supposed to be simpler and more intuitive, but it seems more complicated, nowhere near ‘intuitive,’ and geared less toward blogging and much more toward commercial applications. This forced me to either give up, or pay to upgrade to a business account. I cannot afford to do that with all my blogs, so I did it on my new blog, ontheroadtodamascus.com I am not so sure that blog will appeal to you, as I fully incorporate Scripture into my writing on that blog. But I am going to see if I can write posts on the classic editor on that page and copy them into this blog page. I don’t know if it will work, but it is the best hope I have for keeping TRTC alive (sorry).

          1. I look forward to ur copying them here. Well just tell Utah I’m still reading ( lurking)…. don’t know what happened. At least I was able to communicate here.

            I’ll check out …road to damascus ( that was a Bob Hope and Bing Crosby movie too I believe… :- ) )

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