Before we begin, let me ask you not to dismiss this post as ‘conspiracy.’  Instead of falling for this, keep in mind that the CIA intentionally introduced this idea into the U.S. consciousness specifically so they could discredit anyone who ever leaks or gets close to exposing the Deep State in this country.  Do not let this disinformation programming stop you from giving real consideration to the argument that follows.

Now that I have asked you to hear me out, let me explain that everything that follows is ‘circumstantial.’  But circumstantial does not mean it is invalid.  In fact, it is the most common form of logical argument, only, in formal logic, we call it ‘inductive reasoning.’  It may go by a different name, but it is the same thing, and it is a legitimate form of rational reasoning.

OK, here is the question:


Well, let’s consider the fact that Woodrow Wilson detailed his plan to create a Deep State under the guise of ‘scientific administration,’ in which a specially educated elite would be appointed to run a bureaucratic system that ‘administrates’ the government without having to answer to the voters or even the President.  Today, we have this extra-Constitutional bureaucracy, and it is largely headed up and run by graduates of ‘elite,’ Ivy League schools — which is exactly what Wilson wanted to do.  By Wilson’s own definition, this is The Deep State.

But let’s not stop here.  Let’s look to see if we can find any evidence which suggests there is an illegitimate government operating from within the legitimate government.  We’ll start by simply taking them at their word:

NYT Columnist: Yes, There’s a Deep State and It’s Full of People Doing Important Work to Restrain Trump

Dear Reader, the U.S> Intelligence Community has no authorization to make or meddle in policy matters.  In fact, it is illegal for them to do so.  Their job is to provide the President/Command Authority with the best possible intelligence, then leave the President/Command Authority to use it to make the nation’s policy.  That means that stories such as these represent indirect evidence that the U.S. Intelligence Community is operating outside of its authority (and the law):

Disgusted By Trump, A CIA Officer Quits. How Many More Could Follow?

Furthermore, when Intelligence operatives reveal classified information to the public, or even if they leak it to other divisions of the government without going through the legally defined process, they are breaking U.S. law.  This includes the supposed ‘whistle-blowers’ who went to Schiff instead of the IG.  Once again, stories such as these represent indirect evidence that the U.S. Intelligence Community is actively working against the duly elected authority of the President:

Bill Barr Arrests Anti-Trump Leaker At U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency

Senior FBI Official Resigned During Probe Where He Lied About Accepting Sports Tickets From Reporters

In addition to these stories, we have former Intelligence officials trying to tell us that the Intelligence Community is engaged in operations against the President:

How elements of the Intel community are using ‘information dark arts’ against a sitting president

And we also have evidence that various government officials within the Intelligence Community and DOJ have been colluding against the President:

Judicial Watch Releases Documents On Rosenstein, Mueller Communications

Add to this the fact that the Intelligence Community and FBI have both been caught in repeated violations of the law, some bordering on treason:

DNI Declassifies FISA Judge James Boasberg 2018 Ruling – FBI Conducted “Tens of Thousands” of Unauthorized NSA Database Queries…

FISA: FBI misused surveillance data, violated constitutional rights

Defense Intelligence Agency Employee Arrested for Leaking Classified Information to Journalists

Defense Intelligence Agency worker arrested on charges of leaking top-secret information to reporters

Dear Reader, are you still with me?  Do you see that, at the very least, there is reason to suspect that there is a problem inside the U.S. Intelligence Community and DOJ?  If not, would it help to know that there are good and decent people inside the government who are trying to root out this corruption through the established legal process?

Jason Chaffetz: Durham’s expanded probe is ‘bad news’ for Obama-era intel officials

Let’s go back to the DOJ.  We have seen evidence that suggests we do have a problem with the U.S. Intelligence Community, but what about the DOJ?  Do we have anything that suggests the DOJ is part of this corruption within our government?  Well, yes:

These stories represent formal complaints by duly authorized government authority:

Senators Follow Up With DOJ: What Happened to Our Criminal Referrals for People Who Lied About Kavanaugh?

FEC complaint accuses Clinton campaign, DNC of violating campaign finance law with dossier payments

Why is the FEC Ignoring Hillary Clinton’s $84 Million Campaign Finance Scandal?

Please understand: I chose these three stories specifically because they are related to the impeachment coup.  There are many other such stories that could be listed.  However, these should be enough to show that the DOJ is connected to an organized attack on the duly elected authority of the Executive branch of our government.

But what about the State Department?  Can we connect the State Department to any of this?

Are you aware of this story?

2 Giuliani Associates Arrested With One-Way Tickets at U.S. Airport

Well, why ignore Hillary’s $84 million violation while going after these two men?  You know what?  I don’t care.  If they are guilty, charge, try and convict them!  But let’s look at the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.  This is the authority that arrested these two men.  But they are also the same authority that refused to accept evidence of Biden/DNC/Obama/Clinton/Soros corruption in Ukraine proving that these people and organizations colluded to throw the U.S. 2016 election for Hillary, as well as financial corruption by these same people and organizations within Ukraine.

Yes, the same U.S. Attorney that arrested Giuliani’s associates for campaign finance violations also refused the information proving — yes, proving — that Biden/DNC/Obama/Clinton/Soros are, in fact, guilty of the same in Ukraine.

But here is where the State Department is connected.  Have you seen this story?

Former Ukraine ambassador targeted by Giuliani scheduled to testify Friday

Well, this is the very same ambassador who was put in place by then President Obama and who, after taking her position in Ukraine, repeatedly refused to allow Ukraine officials permission to enter the U.S. so they could provide the same information against Biden/DNC/Obama/Clinton/Soros that the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York refused to accept.  And the only reason those Ukraine oficials were even able to come to the U.S. was because Presdient Trump fired and replaced Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch with an ambassador who finally gave those Ukraine officials permission to come to the U.S.

Do you see the pattern here?  Ukraine officials have evidence against the Obama Administration.  They request permission to come to the U.S. so they can present that information.  Obama appoints an ambassador who refuses that permission until President Trump fires and replaces her with someone who grants them that permission.  Then those Ukraine officials come to the U.S. and present that information to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, who promptly refuses to even accept it.

By the way: it is no coincidence that the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York is in the same jurisdiction of the New York State Court that has offered to give the Democrats in Congress Trump’s the tax returns after they could not legally acquire them, themselves:

New York Offers Up Trump’s State Tax Returns—But One Lawmaker Stands in the Way

Finally, here is the connection to Obama.  First, all of this leads directly back to Obama.  But then there is this:

NEW Docs Show State Dept KNEW about Hillary Clinton’s Secret Email Account

IG Report confirms Obama lied about Hillary’s emails

State Department provided ‘clearly false’ statements to derail requests for Clinton docs, ‘shocked’ federal judge says

Now, this connects back to Obama once again.  But none of this matters, right?  I mean, we have this story to ‘prove’ there is nothing to the email scandal:

FBI rebukes Clinton but recommends ‘no charges’ in email investigation

Yeah… Ah, not so much.  As we just saw, the FBI is most likely part of a massive subversive element within the government, which means the FBI forgiving Hillary is the same as a co-conspirator forgiving their fellow conspirator.  Or, put another way, this last story is nothing more than the guilty telling the nation that the other guilty person is not guilty.  It simply does not work that way — not unless you are corrupt.

Now, Reader, you might not be convinced.  You might find a way to dismiss all of this.  But that does not mean this is a ‘conspiracy theory’ — because it isn’t.  This is more than enough to obtain search warrants and subpoenas that would allow honest people to investigate further. In some cases, it is enough to remove government officials, such as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and the majority of the DOJ, FBI and CIA.  Please remember, when it comes to government servants, we do not need to prove a crime to remove them.  The appearance of wrong-doing is sufficient to betray the public trust, and that is all that is required to remove people who serve at the pleasure of the People.

Besides, this is a table-top sketch of the case for a Deep State.  People have written entire books about this and, when it is all taken in total, it is one of the strongest inductive arguments for a subversive element within our government that has ever been or could ever be made.  This case may not convince some people, and that’s fine.  Not everyone embraces reason: they are happy to live in their own, personal delusions.  It’s safer that way.

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