Red Flag Laws & ‘The Slippery Slope’

I am a combat vet, and I have no wish to see civil war on U.S. soil.  So you can know that I am being deadly serious when I write this post.

Folks, you should reject ‘Red Flag’ laws.  If necessary, this is an issue over which we should take up arms.  If they get these laws in place, it will be the end of the U.S. and the end of liberty anywhere in this world save for Israel!  For some of you, that should bring a whole story-line to mind — and that story does not end well for the majority of this world.

I am not going to spend a lot of time on this post.  I don’t have to do so to make my point.  All I have to do is explain what is going to happen.  Those with eyes to see and ears to hear will understand:

They will pass these ‘Red Flag’ laws.

At first, most Americans will accept the definition of ‘un-stable.’

But, once the laws are in place, they will change that definition to apply to anyone who does not agree with the State.

They will then use those laws as an excuse to ‘deal with’ these ‘unstable’ people.

And you will live in a totalitarian State — a State that the Bible describes as, ‘The Beast!’

ALL of this is a total rejection of Natural Law and the founding principles and ideals of this nation.  It is a rejection and destruction of liberty.  It is tyranny — plain, pure and simple, and totally naked in its exposure to those who have eyes to see it.  But mind you, I say you will live in this State of tyranny because I won’t be here with you.  I will be dead.  Not gone, dead.  They will kill me — and they will kill me in your name!


To those who do not believe that this is coming:

They have been saying that this is what they are going to do for over one hundred years!  They just count on the fact that you will reject the truth when you hear it.


If me saying you will be part of this bothers you, then all I can say to you is:

“Come out of her, My People.”


BTW: For those who weren’t paying attention, Trump also called for laws to restrict free speech — even on social media and in the news media — as well as another look at ‘mental health.’  Now, before anyone goes and decides any of these things are good ideas, ask yourself: would I support any of this if Trump/Obama got to define what constitutes ‘unstable’ or ‘dangerous?’  Because this is exactly what these laws will do: they will allow the Part in power to define ‘unstable’ and ‘dangerous’ however they wish.  And, given the current trends, this means the Democrat Party will have this power forever and ever, because, now that they have seen they can get away with conducting an open coup, there will be nothing and no one to stop them from seizing total control of this nation…


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