TRTC on Talk Radio

For those who might be interested:

I am fortunate enough that, for whatever reason, people find value in what I have to say.  A couple weeks ago, this lead to my receiving an invitation to be a guest on a regional talk radio program, The Morning Drive with Steve NicholsMy first appearance can be found here (please fast forward to the 15:09 mark as the FB audio was off until that point).  I am posting this today to let those who may be interested know that I will be on Mr. Nichols’ show again tomorrow morning, August 2, 2019.  The show will air live on Face Book from 6 – 9 AM EST.  If you cannot watch the show live, Mr. Nichols posts the re-play on his program’s FB page so that you can go back and watch it at your convenience.

Unless I mess up or bomb, I have a standing invitation to be on Mr. Nichols’ show the first Friday of every month.  So, until that changes, you will be able to hear me live or on video re-play — if you are interested, that is.

One thought on “TRTC on Talk Radio

  1. Very much enjoyed the interview, and looking forward to more. Was able to download it and listen while driving. Loved hearing the historical back stories.

    Thanks for sharing!

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