CURRENT EVENTS: Trump’s Pull-Out from Obama’s ‘Iran Deal’

I believe that this is one of those rare cases where things actually are black-and-white.  Furthermore, I believe that we can tell whether or not a person actually supports America and the rule of law or is trying to destroy this nation based on which side of this issue they stand.  How did I arrive at these conclusions?  Simple.  I applied a little logic to this issue and then accepted the logical conclusions that followed.

First, let’s review what we know about the facts surrounding this issue:

1 — Iran has been a self-declared enemy of the United States since the Iran Hostage Crisis.

2 — Iran’s government prays for the destruction of America every Friday.

3 — Israel is one of if not our strongest ally in the Middle East.

4 — Iran’s stated goal is to destroy Israel.

Now, let’s look at the things Obama did leading up to Trump’s withdrawal from the Iranian deal.

First, Obama violated the Constitution when he entered into the deal he made with Iran.  This is not opinion, it is fact.  The Constitution specifically says the Senate is responsible for making such deals — not the President.  On top of that, Obama spent U.S. funds without authorization from Congress.  This is very likely another violation of the Constitution.  Either way, this was an impeachable act.

Next, the deal Obama made was bad for the United States (and Israel).  It only benefited Iran.

It is very likely that the $150 Billion+ Obama gave Iran was used to fund Iran’s military actions against Israel, a U.S. ally (money which Sec State John Kerry even admitted would be used to fund terrorism and pay Russia for helping Iran develop nuclear weapons).

Obama’s gave military aid to Al Qaeda in Libya, a declared enemy of the U.S. and Israel and ally of Iran.

Obama’s support to the Syrian Rebels was actually about giving military aid to ISIS.  It is also what Benghazi was all about: collecting weapons from Al Qaeda in Libya to send them to ISIS forces in Syria.

Many of these actions are acts of treason and others are on the razor edge of treasonous.  They are all impeachable actions.  But no one said or did anything about this.  In fact, there were GOP leaders, such as Sen. McCain, who were actively involved in helping Obama do these things.  As for the media, they protected Obama by supporting and praising these acts and denying there was anything legally wrong with any of them.  But none of this is true.  So, let’s apply a little logic to the situation.

If we have a President who goes far beyond his authority to make a binding agreement with an enemy of our nation;

An agreement that gains nothing for the U.S. and takes nothing that matters to the U.S. from that enemy;

And agreement that gives that enemy money — without Congressional involvement — that is then used to militarily endanger a U.S. ally;

What do we call such an action?

Well, the U.S. Constitution defines this as HIGH TREASON!  Therefore, by definition, Obama, those who helped him, as well as those who supported him in his actions toward Iran are guilty of treason.  One cannot provide military and monetary support to a nation that has openly declared it is actively working to destroy America and a close ally of America without being guilty of High Treason.  Therefore, Obama and all those who support him are guilty — period!  This is not an opinion.  It is simply a logical conclusion based upon the objective application of definition.

So, now we come to Trump’s withdrawal and the responses to it.  Again, those who supported Obama’s actions were (and are) traitors to the United States.  This then means, those who are opposing Trump’s actions by trying to keep this treasonous agreement in place are joining these traitors by giving aid and comfort to an American enemy.  This means they are traitors, as well.

Now, to show some modicum of grace toward those who may have supported Obama and are opposing Trump, let me acknowledge that I am fully aware that many will disagree with my accusations.  They will try to say they do not see ‘the facts’ the same way and that means I am wrong.  They will say Obama was trying to protect the U.S. by making the deal with Iran, and they will deny that Obama gave military aid to Al Qaeda and ISIS.  And they will say that they are trying to defend America by opposing Trump’s actions.  They will claim that it is Trump who is endangering the U.S.  They will say these things, and they will believe these things — and they will all be wrong!

Again, this time, we are not dealing with opinion.

Many countries have said that Al Qaeda and ISIS are connected to Iran’s attack on Israel.  Many of these countries have said Obama gave military aid to Al Qaeda and ISIS.  THIS INCLUDE U.S. MILITARY INTELLIGENCE!!!  This is a matter of public record.  It was televised on CPAN, so this is FACT!

It is also FACT that Obama violated the Constitution when he made this Iranian deal.  HE HAD ZERO AUTHORITY TO DO SO!  FACT!

Obama has helped Iran in its military efforts.  This is a FACT!  It is well documented that his actions helped Al Qaeda and ISIS, and the recent results on the ground (the results since Trump took over) support this conclusion.

All of this means Obama was giving military aid to a declared enemy of the U.S. and one of its closest allies.  This is the definition o HIGH TREASON.  Therefore, THIS IS A FACT!

Anyone who joins in or helps another person commit an illegal actions is an accomplice of that crime.  This is by definition.  Therefore, anyone who helps or supports Obama and his efforts to help Iran are guilty of treason.  This is also by definition.  If something is true by definition, IT IS A FACT!

So, once again, if you support Obama and his actions, you are guilty of treason against the United States of America — period!  This is a simple matter of definition, which means it is a fact.  One cannot escape this conclusion by trying to change the meaning of the language any more than one can make a male into a female simply by asserting it is true if a person says they ‘identify’ that way.  I can ‘identify’ as king of the world, but that does not make it true.  The same applies to those with XY chromosomes who claim they are female, and for those who support Obama who claim they are not traitors.  They can claim innocence all they want, but the FACTS say otherwise.

If it helps, think of it this way.  What if Obama had been FDR and he had entered into an agreement with Hitler in 1942 — after Germany had declared war on America?  What if, at that time, FDR had agreed to let Hitler keep everything he had and gave Hitler money and weapons to use against England?  Would we have considered FDR to have been acting in the best interests of the U.S.?  Hitler has declared war on the U.S., is attacking our ally in England, and FDR gives him money, weapons, direct U.S. military support and doesn’t even demand that Hitler surrender anything in return.  How would that NOT have been treason?  It would have been — plain and simple.  So how is it that Obama’s actions with Iran were not treason?  And that those people who supported and are still supporting him are not equally guilty of treason?

No, this issue is black-and-white.  If you support and/or defend Obama’s actions toward Iran, you are committing treason.


[NOTE: In reality, Obama’s own State Department said that this ‘deal’ was not a treaty, was not an executive agreement and was not even signed by Iran.  The Obama Administration said it was just a set of ‘policy goals.’  Well, if it is not the product of a President acting in his official capacity (and Obama’s State Department essentially said it was not), then it is the product of a personal agenda.  That means this ‘deal’ was not only treason and subversion, but also theft and Obama should be made to reimburse the American People.]



3 thoughts on “CURRENT EVENTS: Trump’s Pull-Out from Obama’s ‘Iran Deal’

  1. Pretty much sums it up. Too bad many in our country are stilled blinded by the Obama illusion. Great article.

    1. Thanks, and I agree. But let us not make the mistake of ignoring the rest of those in this equation. Everyone in the Congressional GOP knows this, too, yet they did and still do NOTHING! That is support of these actions as clearly as if Obama were doing it. There are no — ZERO innocent members of Congress.

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