POINTS TO PONDER: Can the Rest of the World Stay Free and Prosperous if America Looses the 2nd Amendment?

How many of us remember this man and this speech?

That ‘intellectual elite’ about which Reagan spoke is in charge of the majority of our government and social institutions.  With the exception of our elected representatives, this ‘elite’ is self-appointed.  They have risen to power though nepotism and cronyism: both of which bely their claim to being ‘elite’ in the first place.  Were they truly superior, then they would have no need to take power through deception and corruption as they have; they could do it in the open, and the people would willingly support them.  But they do not run in the open.  They hide in the shadows and operate behind fronts such as ‘Move On’ and ‘The TIDES Foundation’ and ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and a host of other false faces.  So let us dispense with the notion that they are elite and call them what they really are: a cabal of corrupt and power-hungry individuals who have nothing but disdain for this nation and her People.  And they are not alone.  This cabal extends to the governments and social institutions of nearly the entire world, and it is they who are behind the push to repeal the American 2nd Amendment.

Make no mistake: this push is a deliberate, well thought out and highly coordinated attack on the Natural Rights of the American People.  The 2nd Amendment does not grant the individual the right to keep and bear arms: it merely acknowledges it and forbids the Federal and State governments from abridging this right.  It is an acknowledgment that the right to self-defense is a Natural Right, and therefore, an inalienable right.  It further acknowledges that a just government can have no authority over this Natural Right.  And again, make no mistake: that right does not only include the right to protect one’s life, the life of one’s family and one’s property, but also the right to defend one’s communist from outside threat.  This includes the threat of a tyrannical government, and it is why the founders used the word ‘arms’ and stated that this includes all the ‘terrible weapons of the common soldier,’ both defensive and offensive.  This is because the 2nd Amendment was and is still intended to ensure the People always retain the ability to resist a government that seeks to enslave them.

Now, it is popular for people to say that the 2nd Amendment is antiquated, and has no place in modern society.  These people would have you think that the police and the military will protect you, and therefore, you have no need to protect yourself or the nation.  But they never tell you that they have excused the police from any duty to protect you through their corrupt courts.  That is a fact.  The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the police have no duty to protect the individual or their property.  Their only purpose is to pick up your dead body, collect evidence and try to apprehend the people who killed and/or stole from you.  As for the notion that the military will protect you: well, they don’t tell you the whole story there, either.  The military has been turned against the American People many times.  In New Orleans, it was used to collect the legally owned weapons of law abiding citizens without warrant or cause.  They never got them back.  This is just one example.  There are more.  And this does not address the fact that there are many extra-Constitutional para-military forces within the various levels of government disguised as ‘law enforcement.’  Nor does it mention that all of these forces are controlled not by the People, but by this ‘elite’ that has usurped control over nearly every aspect of America and its People.  No, they never mention or even acknowledge any of this.  They simply act as though no one has any need to fear them because they have our best interests in mind.  Well, if that were true, they would have no need to hide any of this, now would they?

Then there are the coordinating voices calling for gun control in the media, our schools and our entertainment industry.  All of these people push a carefully constructed narrative intentionally designed to lead all but the most free-thinking truth seekers to one ultimate conclusion: that we really would be safer if the 2nd Amendment were repealed.  But this is propaganda.  It is propaganda because it does not tell the entire story.  First of all, they never address the real reason for the 2nd Amendment: to prevent people like themselves from being able to trap the American People under their tyrannical rule.   And to those who doubt they wish to rule, and rule by force if necessary, I would point them to the way they destroy people they once praised simply because they oppose the ‘elitist’ agenda.  If they will do this with the 2nd Amendment still in force, what will they be like if it is repealed?  Then there are all the supposed ‘facts’ they present about gun control.  When they compare numbers, they never mention the millions of crimes stopped or prevented by private gun owners every year.  Nor do they do any calculus on how many of the lives that are lost to gun violence which may have been saved had private citizens been allowed to carry their weapons.  How many of these gun-related deaths would have been prevented without gun control?  Finally, we have the different nations these ‘elite’ like to use as examples of how well gun control works.  They never tell you that Australia has done studies that found their gun control laws have had no significant affect on violent crime and suicide, do they?  Nor do they mention how knife attacks and other forms of violent killing have gone up in England — especially London.  Do they mention how high the murder rates with knives and bats are in Mexico?  Or the increasing use of bombs and cars or trucks to kill people in these nations they set up as examples?  NO!  They ignore all of it because, for propaganda to work, he narrative must be tightly controlled and repeatedly pounded into the audiences’ heads.

There’s more.  We have not addressed factors such as mental health, law enforcement deliberately ignoring the warnings of friends and family and the role of violent video games and music.  These are all factors the ‘elite’ ignore or down-play, and none of them have anything to do with the gun.  In fact, the ‘elite’ never even acknowledge that the problem is the heart of the person using the gun.  They simply focus on the thing and use it to terrify the People.  How is that not terrorism?  It is the incitement of fear for political gain.  That is the very definition of terrorism.  So, given all of this, we should ask ourselves why there is such a push to take away America’s guns?  What are they really after?  Well, let’s consider England.

In England, they are now banning knives and putting warning labels on butter knives.  I have heard they are even talking about waiting lists to buy silverware?  They are apparently stopping people at random on the streets and searching them for weapons, or anything perceived to be a weapon.  They are putting people in jail for face Book posts and even for flipping off a traffic camera.  YES!  I have read actual news reports about this.  And now?  Now the government has a judge who declared that a baby who needs medical treatment is not a person and should be denied food and water so it will die.  They have denied other nations who have volunteered to treat the child the right to do so.  They won’t even let the parents take their child home.  No, the government has claimed ownership of this child, declared it is no longer human and condemned it to death — all because the government declared this child to be a burden on the health care system.  Folks, this is the exact same thing as Hitler’s T4 program.  Look it up.  it is what lead to the death camps, and England has started down that exact same road.  Now, what can the English People do about any of this?  Not mush.  They can vote for people to stop it, but when the system only gives them choices between this self-appointed ‘elite’ or that one, they still get another tyrant in office.  No, they have nothing they can do but accept their fate.  But this is not the case in America!

This sort of thing has also started in the U.S., but we still have the 2nd Amendment.  When the government tried to steal hundreds of cows from a rancher out West, the People stopped the government using their personal weapons.  There are other cases where the People have resisted government tyranny, as well.  This nation was born of such a resistance.  This is why the ‘elite’ want to repeal the 2nd Amendment: because it is the last thing standing in their way of seizing total power over the American People.

Now, consider this.  This ‘elite’ who have seized power in America sympathizes with Marx.  They want open boarders and redistribution of America’s wealth.  They don’t just want Socialism, they want Communism.  Hillary even said so, it’s just that no one is educated in this country anymore, so the American People did not understand what she was saying.  When Hillary said she was an early Twentieth Century Progressive, she was saying she is a Communist.  Woodrow Wilson even explained it in his essays on Progressivism, Government and Administration.  So, if a person has any understanding of history — especially the history of Communism — and they envision an America where the 2nd Amendment has been repealed, how can they imagine that anyone like Trump will ever be elected again?  he won’t, because the pretenses will be dropped, the GOP will stop pretending to be an opposition Party, and the One-Party system will take over total control of the American government and Society.  And sine this ‘Progressive’ Party is Communist, and they are in bed with Communist nations such as Russia, China, Venezuela and Cuba, there is no doubt they will pursue similar agendas as their allies in these nations.  What, then, would this mean for the rest of Europe?  Without America to support them, how long before Putin just demands Europe abdicates their sovereignty to him?  And do you really doubt this will happen?

Without the 2nd Amendment, the people who will seize total control over America will also turn on Israel.  These American ‘elite’ are also in bed with Islam.  This is well documented using public sources (see Horowitz’s “Unholy Alliance”).  If America suddenly switches sides in the Middle East, how long will it be before Israel is forced to use nuclear weapons to protect itself?  And if Russia and most likely America are aligned with the Arab nations, what is the likelihood that this exchange will remained contained?  And what of Europe in this case?  If the Arabs are nuked by Israel, how is the Muslim population in Europe going to react?  And who will support Europe if there is an uprising?

Seriously, dear reader, if the 2nd Amendment is lost, how long do you think America will remain ‘good?’  What will stop the new rulers from banning Christianity?  Or putting Conservatives in jail for voicing opposition to them?  It has happened before.  Wilson did it, FDR did it.  Obama was allowed to use the IRS and FBI against his enemies.  Now the FBI is being used to destroy a duly elected President.  How much worse will this all get when they know there is nothing the People can do to stop them?  And if you think this won’t happen…  Well, I suggest you study history a little closer — even modern Western history — because it has happened and will happen again.  It always happens.  So, when America turns dark — and it will — what becomes of the rest of the world?  I am serious.  Ask yourself that question.  What becomes of the rest of the world if America looses the 2nd Amendment?

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