POINTS TO PONDER: Ever Wonder Why We Seem To Be Going Off The Rails?

Anyone with Spiritual eyes can take one look at the United States and tell that something is very, very wrong.  Everywhere we look, people seem to be losing their minds.  Insanity and lawlessness is everywhere.  We have people with XY chromosomes insisting they are female, and people with XX chromosomes insisting they are male, and some of both waiting to see how they ‘feel’ each morning to decide what they will be that day.  We ignore  Presidents who lie to us about things like high treason and deliberate subversion of our system of government, but we become obsessed over allegations of Presidential wrong-doing — even after a year-long investigation shows that the people who made the allegations were the ones who broke the law, not the President.  We have children on anti-psychotic drugs shooting up schools and law enforcement agencies ignoring family warnings that this would happen, but instead of dealing with our growing mental health crisis and flaws in law enforcement, we call for a gun ban.  We have people in designer clothing, drinking Star Bucks and texting on an Apple I-Phone demanding socialism w3ithout ever understanding what that would mean for everything they were wearing, drinking and using at that time.  We have people insisting that this is a racist nation, even when the President, several of our richest entrepreneurs, many idolized athletes and quite a few of our most admired entertainers are all black.  We’re even teaching children to do math in a way that requires a ream of paper and half a day to add a few numbers where the old way made it possible to do in your head in a few seconds.  Sexual morality is nearly non-existent, family is re-defined on an ongoing basis, crime is re-defined so as to make what used to be illegal, legal and what was once legal, illegal — thereby adding lawful people to the ranks of criminals and removing life-long criminals from the same rolls.  All this and I have just started to scratch the surface.  As I said: something is definitely wrong with our society!

So, what is it?  What happened to change everything?  Well, there is an answer to this question, and we can actually trace it to its source.  It started a decade or two before the turn of the Twentieth Century, with the rise of what we in the United States call Progressivism.  Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, and Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, gave it this name.  But Wilson was the one who confessed that it is known by other names in Europe.  Over there, they call it Socialism, Fascism and Communism.  But, no matter what the name, the result is the same: it is a deliberate attempt to re-make the world according to human desires — and to force humans to conform to the desires of those doing the shaping, or die.  In short, Progressivism is nothing short of man playing god, as Progressive founder, John Dewey, said when he wrote these words:

“The teacher is engaged not simply in the training of individuals, but in the formation of the proper social life…. In this way, the teacher always is the prophet of the true God and the usherer-in of the true Kingdom of God.”

Dewey was saying that man is his own god, and that he can shape his own evolution, and that the teacher was the primary means by which this change would be affected.  Read his work, you’ll find this is an accurate description of not only his beliefs, but of most the Progressives — even today.  For the Progressive, the individual must be loyal to society above all, and since the State is society, the individual must submit themselves entirely to the State.  Only by doing this can the individual find their true purpose and a sense of fulfillment.  Again, read the early Progressives.  You will find that I am not miss-quoting them or painting them in a way with which they would not agree.  This is because some of them actually said that this is what they believed, and they used words almost identical to mine.

Now, for those who do not already know, and for those who do not believe in or who reject the Bible,  the prophetic language defines a pagan kingdom or government as a ‘beast.’    By trying to make people submit themselves to the State, to find their meaning in the State and to find fulfillment in the State, the Progressive is essentially telling people to worship the State.  This means the Progressive is trying to force people to worship a beast.  Now, setting aside the prophetic implications of this revelation and just consider why the Bible may have used this term to refer to a pagan system of government.

[NOTE: in reality, Progressives want people to worship them, as they always see themselves as being — sooner or later — in charge of the State.  Therefore, if people can be made totally dependent on the State, they are — by extension — totally dependent on them, and that is the equivalent of being god.  This applies to all man-made systems of government that do not comply with Natural Law, and it is why all such systems always but always fail!  It is because they violate Natural law and — eventually — Natural Law asserts itself and the lawlessness is erased.]

Now, just for the sake of argument, assume that there is a Creator and that he did make this world to operate by a fixed set of laws and that among those laws is a universal moral standard of right and wrong.  Let’s also assume that this moral standard deals not only with the way individuals treat each other, but also with things such as the proper way to run society and its government.  If the Creator set these laws, then the ‘civil’ society as well as the ‘just’ government would be those that operate according to the Creator’s laws.  But what of the society and/or government that tries to operate according to the desires of man?  Well, if they are not in accord with the Creator’s laws, then they will not be ‘civil,’ and to not be ‘civil’ is to be barbaric, or savage — like a beast.  Hence, the society or government that does not operate in accordance with the Creator’s laws would be like a beast.  Now ask yourself: what would be the effect if a wild beast were allowed to run around freely in ‘civil’ society and the people were not allowed to stop it or even defend themselves from it?  Well, at the very least, society is likely to fall apart, right?

If Natural Law — as our founders understood it — is real, and there is actually something to the notion of a Creator and His universal moral laws of right and wrong, then we should be able to find some evidence to support this conclusion.  Well, as it happens, we can — and we need look no farther than our own nation.  Remember, the Progressives want everyone to worship the government.  So, when we kick God out of the public square and replace it with government decrees, this is what we get in return:

I hope you watched all of the video.  If so, did you like the part where the founders said religion was necessary to liberty?  Or how about the part where Jefferson affirms the superiority of the Judea/Christian ethic as the best religion for a free and self-governing people?  And what of the evidence?  Did you notice how all the social indicators spiked upward, and that they did so from the very point where we finally kicked God out of our schools?  That is called a correlation, my friend.

Now, this may be a correlation, but correlations are not proof of causation.  However, when you have such a strong correlation, and such a consistent pattern in all the various social indicators matching up to the same point or cause, that strongly suggests causation.  For example: take the case of school shootings.  Before we kicked God out of our schools, students used to be allowed to store loaded weapons in their lockers and we did not have these mass shootings.  The suicide rates among all age groups was also lower — much lower than today.  Oh!  And we did not have the same degree of mental illness in our schools, either.  All of these problems were demonstrably smaller before the point where we kicked God out of the public square.

We can no longer say that these social indicators are under control in our modern society.  The same goes for sexual immorality, family cohesion, and even the ability to just be civil toward one another.  Instead, we have re-defined normalcy and eliminated the notion of deviancy all together. All of these things can be traced back to that one point in our history.  So, why are we never told about any of this?  Why do we try to erase them by re-defining them and banning any talk of them instead?  Well, you can draw your own conclusions, but I would suggest it is because a great many people would look at the evidence and conclude that the founders were right, the Progressives are wrong, and that the Creator’s laws are still in effect.  If that were to happen with too many people, the Progressive movement would be over — at least for the next two or three generations, anyway.  If there is one universal truth about all Progressives, it is that Progressives simply will not give up power without a fight!  Even when they lose an election, they simply refuse to accept it and behave as though they had won and the People are behind them.  And this is because the illusion cannot be broken.  They will even accept what they know to be a lie — their own lie — just to preserve the illusion of the world they are trying to create.

Therefore, you cannot be permitted to hear and consider the information in this video.  It’s simply too dangerous to the establishment.  If you were to see it, research it further and reflect on the information it presents, you might free yourself from the Progressive illusion, and a free mind is among the most dangerous things that can be let lose in the Progressive Matrix:

“Anyone who has begun to think, places some portion of the world in jeopardy.”

— John Dewey



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