CURRENT EVENTS: Exploiting Parkland Shooting Survivors to Push Agenda of Tyranny

Have you seen this video clip?

I honestly cannot remember the last time I was as furious, insulted, revolted, disgusted and heart-broken as I was watching this video.  It served no useful purpose.  It is pure propaganda.  When I watched this, I saw nothing but two spoiled and disrespectful brats demanding to be given respect where it has not been earned and has not been earned.  But when I watched the way Bill Maher not only fed into these kids belief that they actually have a valid voice in public debate, but intentionally deceived them as to the truth of that debate and his role in deceiving the American people in general….  Well, I confess: I lost control of my temper.

First, I do not believe these two children when they claim to be sincere.  This is because their words and demeanor testify against them.  They claim that they are not pushing a Left vs Right agenda, but they do nothing but attack Senator Rubio, President Trump and Dana Loesch.  After hearing this, and watching the contempt in their faces while they speak, why should I ever consider the slightest possibility that they are angry with all politicians?  There is no rational reason to believe they are angry at anyone but those they deem to be standing in the way of the gun control agenda.

Next, they are not ‘experts’ on gun control.  They said that hiding in a locked room is enough to make them an expert on gun control.  By this reasoning, being in a car crash makes you an expert on the engineering behind automobile safety, as well as the physics involved.  Being in a house fire makes one an expert on firefighting and structural engineering.  being the survivor of an airplane crash makes you an expert on air craft safety and aeronautical engineering.  Heck, watching a space shuttle launch would make you an astronaut — if we accept this line of reasoning, anyway.

Then there is this: if we are going to ban gun sales to anyone under the age of 21, then why aren’t we banning interviews about guns with anyone under the age of 21?  In fact, why are we letting people under 21 vote?  The principle is the same, so why isn’t any of the rest of this being done.  Why isn’t the principle being applied equally?  If you are reading this, and you are under 21, I want you to know the answer to this question.  It is because the youth simply do nt have the life experience to know what they are talking about when it comes to matters such as these.  They have not learned to control their emotions, therefore, they can be easily manipulated and exploited — as these two kids have been.

Then there is the matter of the fact that these two children are ignorant on a level that leaves one to wonder whether or not they have ever had a class on American History or simple civics.  The Second Amendment is not granted by ‘being American.’  It is not a right given to us by the Constitution.  It is granted by the Creator, at the moment of conception.  This makes it a Natural Right: a right that is inherent in the individual and that can never be justifiably taken from them.  Bill Maher knows this, so why didn’t he educate them instead of furthering their ignorance?  I can excuse the kids.  After all, they are kids.  But Maher knows better, which means his actions in this interview make the interview nothing but propaganda for the gun control lobby.  For the record: the Second Amendment recognizes and protects the Natural Right to self-defense; and by self-defense, we do not mean just the right to personal defense, but to be able to defend against a modern army fielded by a tyrannical government.  This means these kids have demonstrated a lack of understanding of this issue.  A responsible media would have noticed this and not allowed this interview.

Then there is the matter of the emotional appeal in this whole thing.  there is no reason in any of the many appearances these kids have been making.  Their whole testimony amounts to:

“We got shot at.  This must stop.  Grab the guns.”

They do not talk about the 39 times law enforcement failed to protect them with this one shooter alone.  they do not talk about the fact that their sheriff has signed an agreement with their school board agreeing not to arrest or prosecute minority juveniles so that the school board will receive more government money (this is true: look into it).  They do not talk about hardening schools.  They do not talk about arming teachers, or adding armed guards.  They do not talk about the fact that their sheriff ordered four deputies to stand down and not go to the aid of their classmates (again, this seems to have actually happened).  They did not talk about the need for better screening and more programs for mental health.  they did not address the affect of violent video games, Hollywood movies and gangster rap music.  They did not address the affect of the gun control lobbies propaganda.  they did not address the connection of anti-depressants and other psychotic medications to mass shooters.  They did not address any of this; they only attacked the guns.  Obviously, they have an agenda (just as I argued in my post in this very issue).

In addition to this, these kids never discuss the fact that the Government’s own report on the 1994 assault weapons ban determined that there was no decrease in the number of people shot and killed in mass shootings.  They didn’t even mention that there were mass shootings using assault weapons while that ban was in effect.  They never discuss the fact that gun control does not work in the U.S. cities with the strictest gun control laws.  They do not mention that violent crime where there are permissive gun laws is far below the national average.  They do not mention how many crimes and deaths are prevented, or how many mass shootings are prevented every year by private citizens with their personal weapons.  They do not mention a single thing that might contradict their claims.  This makes their testimony one-sided, which makes it both fallacious and propaganda.

All of this begs the question: what is the true agenda here.  Personally, I think that these two are seeking employment either in the media or in a political career and they see this as their shortest path to that goal.  I pray this is not the case because, if it is, it would mean they are crawling over the dead bodies of their classmates to grab this publicity for their own, personal gain.  Perhaps I am mistaken, but this is the impression with which I have been left, and it is an impression these two kids created by their own words and demeanor.

Finally, I will end with a personal comment.  If they honestly believe that previous generations have messed up our society, and that they can fix it, then I would like to see them give up the cell phones their parents have provided them.  I want to see them leave school and shun any and all public assistance — in any and every form.  I want to see them denied any platform on which to speak, and silenced — by force if necessary — any and every time they try to speak.  I wish to see them sued by the NRA for malicious slander, and I do not want to see them given any legal counsel.  Let them get their own.  I don’t even want them to be given any access to the internet or social media unless they pay for every step of the way.  Make them buy a computer, pay for the internet access: all of it.  Even then, do not allow them to raise any money from any source over the age of 30 years (they said the previous generation ‘f-ed’ things up,’ so they shouldn’t mind if we keep them from accepting anything from the previous generation.  Then, after we do all of this, let’s see if they can survive, let alone ‘fix’ the mess they claim we have made.  Somehow, I suspect that, if we could do this, these petulant little kids would be singing a different tune in less than a week.




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