PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL LAW: Gun Control is a Violation of Natural Law

The issue of gun control is not difficult to understand — not when we look at it from the position of Natural Law.  If you have a moment, I’ll demonstrate:

1 — Under the Principles of Natural Law, we are all born with Natural Rights.  This means our rights are inalienable: or, in other words, our rights are an inherent part of us — they cannot be separated from who we are.

2 — Among our Natural Rights is the right to self-defense.

3 — It is also a Principle of Natural Law that a person cannot justly demand another person surrender their Natural Rights, nor can a person agree to surrender their own rights (this is because Natural Rights are inherent in the person).

4 — By logical extension, it follows that no person can demand another person surrender their ability to defend themselves, nor can they surrender their Natural Right to self-defense.

5 — Therefore, no one can justly demand that another person surrender their natural Right of self-defense.  By extension, this includes any means of self-defense that an individual chooses to employ — including ‘weapons of war!’

This means that any call for gun control is a violation of Natural Law.  And, because our Constitution is predicated on the principles of Natural Law, any call for gun control is also a violation of the Constitution, as well as the principles asserted in its authorizing document, the Declaration of Independence.

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