This is a fact: the NFL is not protest8ing, and this has nothing to do with social justice.  The NFL is participating in open subversion of this Nation — the very nation to which it owes its own existence.

Why do I say this is a fact?  Because it meets the definition of ‘fact,’ and because it can be supported by other things that meet the definition of ‘fact.’  Allow me to demonstrate.

Is the NFL protecting their player’s right to free speech?  No!  What the players are doing is not speech, it is an action.  Does the NFL have a history of defending a player’s right to act in such manner?  No!  Here is just a partial list of the things they have forbidden in recent history:

They NFL found Tebow praying offensive.

The NFL didn’t allow players to wear a decal honoring the slain Dallas officers.

The NFL didn’t allow a player to wear pink in honor of his Moms breast cancer.

The NFL didn’t allow players to wear 9/11 cleats in honor of the victims. 

But the NFL is allowing the players to subvert the Nation.

Actions define a person or organization’s true beliefs, and the fact is that the NFL only supports those players who are acting in a way that undermines the foundation of this nation.  This is because the NFL is and has been political for some time, and they have sided with the American Left, which seeks the destruction of this Nation as it was founded.

But this is all just my ‘opinion,’ right?  Then consider this:

The NFL is not opposing racism or social inequality.  The NFL claims that this nation oppresses blacks and keeps them from having an equal chance to succeed.  Well, that might be a claim to which we should listen…IF the NFL players were not 70% black!  What’s more, most of those players came from poor and impoverished families. You see, when an organization is 70% black in a nation that is only 15% black, they testify against the claim that the nation is unfair to blacks.  In other words, the NFL is the best evidence that this claim of a systematic oppression of blacks is not true.

But there’s more evidence of this.  The NBA is another argument against this claim.  Oprah, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Samuel Jackson and Morgan Freeman are also evidence against it.  All the blacks in the Congress, in our Universities, and even President Obama testify against the claim.  This is because this nation is not what these people claim.  It simply isn’t — not anymore.  So why are they saying the nation is unjust toward blacks? I’m glad you asked, because I have an answer for you.  COMMUNISM!

Now, before you dismiss me, keep reading

We now know that the unrest in the 1960’s was funded by Russia.  We found out after the Berlin Wall fell and we gained access to Soviet records.  The Communists believe in violent revolution.  Their goal was to convince enough Americans that the nation was fundamentally unjust and needed to be replaced.  The hope was that they could use the youth (who are most easily swayed but such emotional appeals) to cause violent unrest until, eventually, the people would demand something be done about it.  At that point, the Communists hoped to be able to step in and destroy the government and replace it with one of their own design.  Bill Ayres was part of this campaign and he wrote about their plans.  he also said he does not regret it.  That is because — though the Communists failed in the 1960’s — they never went anywhere.  they are still here, and now they have an even greater influence over the nation.

Now they have control of our schools, our universities, our media, our courts, and our Congress.  We just don’t see it because they call themselves Progressives.  But Woodrow Wilson, a founder of the American Progressive movement, openly said that ‘progressive’ was going to be the American word for Communism.  And Hillary embraced this idea when she declared her allegiance to the early 20th Century Progressive movement.  So you do not see that these people are Communists because they have dumbed you down through public indoctrination (i.e. ‘schools’) and media news (i.e. propaganda).  But they didn’t stop there, and that is how this gets connected to the NFL.

They also seized control of sports and popular entertainment media, such as music and the movies.  All of these social institutions are now in the hands of Communists, and they are using our institutions to undermine the foundations of this nation.  The NFL is just a part of their machine.  You just do not see it because they do not teach history anymore.  If they did, you might recognize that they are following Hitler’s play book:

In relation to the political decontamination of our public life, the government will embark upon a systematic campaign to restore the nation’s moral and material health. The whole educational system, theater, film, literature, the press and broadcasting – all these will be used as a means to this end.

You see, the American Left is just following Hitler’s play book.  They have seized control of the government, and now they are using it to systematically seeking to destroy the foundation of this nation so they can replace it with their own ideas. Here’s how it works:

First, you have to find something that nearly everyone will consider to be morally reprehensible.  In this case, they chose slavery.

Then you claim that all of America’s founders were slave owners.

Because they were slave owners, they must be evil.

Because they were evil, nothing they did can be good.

Therefore, the Declaration, Constitution and even the Nation are no good — because they are the product of evil men.

And now?  Now they have gone so far as to cl;aim that all our founders were white, therefore, all whites are evil racists (pay attention and you will see the media pushing this narrative through their selection and manipulation of their interviews).

This is nothing more than a refined version of the Russian attempt to subvert America in the 1960’s.  Only, this time, they have the help of people who have had time to study their past failure and learn from it.  Men such as Saul Alinksy, who wrote “Rules for Radicals,” which is nothing more than a formula for how to make this plan work.

This is where the violence and political correctness come into the picture.  This comes from the Communist Frankfurt School of Germany.  They were Communists looking for a way to protect their political agenda from counter-attack.  That is what political correctness actually is: a defense of the Communist agenda.  It is also simple and very effective — but only if you control the social institutions necessary to support the political correctness narrative (i.e. schools and media).  Here’s how PC works:

You find a moral issue charged with a lot of emotion.  Cloak yourself in that issue by claiming to be opposing it.  then, if anyone tries to point out you are not opposing the issue, destroy their moral character using that issue.  Or, in other words:

Claim you are protesting racism/social injustice when you are actually trying to undermine the nation.

Then, if anyone tries to reveal what you are really doing, label them a racist and get the media and other social institutions to yell RACIST! until you have been destroyed.

If it doesn’t work, fall back on the claim of defending the right of ‘free speech.’

It’s that simple, and it is exactly what is happening.  Now think — hard.  When was the last time you saw a story in the ‘main stream’ media that actually argued against Black Lives Matter?  Or ANTIFA (which is and has always been a Communist gang)?  Or ‘Occupy’ whatever?  When was the last time the media attacked a Democrat as viciously as they have attacked Republicans?  When was the last time a singer came out against the Leftist agenda in their songs?  Or a movie was vicious toward Communism?  When was the last time someone launched a national campaign against people who wear Chez shirts?  When was the last time Hollywood black listed people who praise and visit Cuba?  When was the last time our social institutions attacked the people who are attacking our police, and labeling them all as racists who just want to kill blacks?  When was the last time you saw the media go after our education system for not doing a good enough job to justify the money they already make, let alone their demands for more?  When was the last time you saw the media go after organizations like the NFL because they use their tax exempt status to push a Left-wing agenda?  When was the last time the media went after unions that take dues from their members and use it to support a Party those members oppose?  When was the last time the media attacked the LGBTV community for persecuting people of faith?  When was the last time you saw any of this — especially on a level approaching the NFL subversion?

Now let me ask you another question:

What do all the things I just listed have in common?

Answer: they are all attempts to undermine the foundations of this nation!

You see, the NFL knows exactly what it is doing.  They are not naive or stupid.  They are part of a struggle between the Left and Right in this nation, but not Left and Right in the sense of more and less government.  They are in a fight between the European model of Left and Right: Communism vs Fascism.  Sadly, Communism is winning, and the NFL is on their side.

OH!  There’s one more thing I forgot to mention.  If this really is about fighting racism and social injustice, then why is it being funded and advanced by racists?  The Democrat Party has been racist since its inception.  That never changed.  They were racists before the Civil War.  They were racists after the Civil War.  They started the KKK.  Woodrow Wilson — an extreme racist — segregated the military.  Margaret Sanger — founder of Planned Parenthood — advanced abortion as the best way to rid the nation of blacks.  LBJ used ‘The Great Society’ to put blacks back on the plantations by using welfare to destroy the black family and make blacks dependent on the Democrat Party.  And now: now the Democrats are openly saying that blacks cannot succeed without their WHITE help!  They are all racist, yet the black community turns to them for help and leadership?! And what happens if you try to explain any of this to a black friend?  They call you racist and seek your head!  See how effective the Communist agenda really is?



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