In the aftermath of the violence in Charlotte, NC, we are — once again — witnessing the ‘main stream’ media pushing to link NAZIs and Fascism to the American Right.  Let me start with what has become an obligatory condemnation of the NAZI/White Supremacist movement.  It shouldn’t be necessary — especially given my record on this an my other blogs.  However, in our PC world, if I don’t do so, I run the risk of loosing about half my potential readers.  So, again, I condemn all ideological forms of racial supremacy.  Now, that said, I also condemn the attempt to label NAZIs as ‘Right Wing.’  They are not!  Not in America, anyway.  Now let me explain.

First, you have to understand that the idea of NAZI’s being ‘right-wing’ comes from Europe.  At the time when individual rights and liberties started to become popular in Europe, the people who supported and pushed the notion were called ‘Liberals.’  In most Houses of Representatives, members of the Liberal Parties tended to sit on the left side of the hall.  hence, the idea of ‘Left Wing.’  This is when the idea of individual rights and liberties became connected to the idea of ‘Left-Wing’ politics.  It also meant that the old feudal system became branded with the label of ‘Conservative” and ‘Right-Wing.’  Unfortunately, this has all changed — at least in America.  But we’ll get back to that in a moment.

In late 1920’s and early 1930’s Germany (as well as other parts of Europe), the NAZIs and Communists fought a bloody duel for  political supremacy.  They were both advocating Socialism, but the Communists wanted a global, no borders form of Socialism whereas the NAZIs (as well as most other Fascist organizations) wanted a Nationalist form of socialism.  Seeking to paint the NAZI’s in a bad light, the Communists set out on a campaign to brand the NAZI’s as ‘Right-Wing.”  The idea was to tie the NAZI’s to the memory of the feudal lords and the old way of doing things.  By contrast, this was supposed to paint the Communists as the side favoring liberty.  The Communist campaign was largely successful in labeling the NAZI’s as ‘Right-Wing,’ but they ultimately lost the struggle for political control in Europe.

Now, jump back again to the American Revolution.  The founders of this nation were — by-and-large — Liberals.  They believed in and fought for individual rights and liberties.  In Europe, this would have made them ‘Left-Wing.’  However, there were divisions among the founders.  Only, in the case of America, the division was not so much over individual rights and liberties, but in how best to secure them.  Some wanted a strong central government to insure individual freedom, while others favored a weaker, localized government.  This is essentially the source of division between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists.  What it did was set a different measure of Left and Right in America.  In America, the Left represents strong government, whereas the Right represents limited government.  At the extremes are total government and Anarchy.

Now that this history lesson is over, let’s look at the NAZI movement.  ‘NAZI’ is an abbreviation.  It stands for “National Socialist German Workers” (Party).

So, what is Socialism?  Essentially, Socialism is when the government runs everything.

OK, let’s apply a little Sesame Street logic to this issue.  If the American Left represents strong centralized government, and Socialism is strong centralized government, and NAZI’s are Socialists, then are NAZI’s on the American Left, or the American Right?  Correct!  NAZI’s are on the American Left.

This brings us to Antifa, or “Anti-Fascists.”  This is going to require another history lesson, but this one will be quicker and easier to understand.


That’s right, the American Antifa group is just an extension of the Communist Party that was fighting the NAZI’s as far back as 1920.  What’s more, the Communists are still using the same tactics: they are still trying to paint the NAZI’s as “Right-Wing.”  However, as we just proved to ourselves, they are both on the Left!  Neither have anything to do with American ‘Right-Wing” politics.  And we should also note that both are equally violent.  They histories prove this.

This leaves us with one last question we should be asking ourselves:

“Why doesn’t the “main stream” media explain any of this?”

The answer to that question is actually pretty simple: the ‘main stream” media does not attack its political allies!

Let that sink in…



  1. It has been discovered that leadership in the Nazi/White supremacist groups are veterans of Occupy Wall Street and the Obama campaign machine. Both they and the assorted leftist groups are financed by George Soros, the Tides Foundation, and their ilk. The two opposing sides, Black Power and White Power as it were, are both seeking power over a general population of non-extremists. Those are the collectivist fringe of America; we need to hear the rest of America speak up ‘Leave me alone, pipe down, and nobody gets hurt’. The media, unfortunately, want to use the commotion to pursue their own political goal of ousting Trump to show their own power. Foreign adversaries will use this display of internal conflict to their own advantage.

    1. I believe Hillary just sent $800,000 from her “campaign funds” to help the antifa/BLM racists plan and execute further riots.

  2. Nazis were not Socialists is any significant way. Please read definitions from any reputable online source.

    1. NO!

      First, stick your name on your posts.

      Second, YOU go find reputable sources. I am using HITLER, and Hitler said NAZI’s were Socialists! Heck, Socialist is part of their Party Name: National SOCIALIST Workers Party!

      Now, please, don’t come back until you find the truth — as it came from the mouths of those who created the NAZI Party.


      It is people such as, ‘Anonymous,’ here, who deserve our scorn. They claim the authority to demand that we not only accept their re-writing of history, but also the power to change the words that were spoken and written by the very people who created the history they seek to re-write. I will not apologize for my lack of patience with such people. The truth is easily obtained — especially in this case. However, because it paints their precious ideology (i.e. Socialism) in a bad but TRUE light, they insist that Hitler did not say what he said, mean it or know what he was saying, and, therefore, was never a Socialist. I cannot think of anything more arrogant or presumptuous as that which is displayed by such people. Nor will I bow to it — especially when I know it to be a lie!

      The truth here — THE FACTUAL TRUTH — is that Hitler DID know what Socialism was, He DID say NAZI’s were Socialists, He DID put ‘Socialist’ in his Party’s name and — therefore — NAZI’s WERE SOCIALISTS!

      BTW: So were the Fascists in Italy, under Mussolini. In fact, Mussolini is the man who coined the term, Fascist, and he said Fascism is socialism. So, Hitler was just following the man who defined Fascism.

      Anonymous, learn some REAL history. Start by forgetting everything your teachers told you, and throw out your history professors. Read what was written by the people who actually created the history about which you speak. In this case, Mussolini and Hitler were both very clear in asserting their ideology, and it was National Socialism. They were also infinitely familiar with Marx, and they knew what Marx’s definition of Socialism is and, if you bother to read it, FASCISM MEETS THE DEFINITION MARX GAVE US!!!

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