BASIC PRECEPTS: ‘Principle’ Is Just Another Word For ‘Moral Law’

Morality is a Natural Law.  As a Natural Law, it is fixed: it does not change.  As a Natural law, it is also universal: it applies equally, to all individuals, everywhere, at all times — past, present and future.  Now I want to explain that ‘principles’ is just another way of saying ‘morality.’

Here is why knowing the definitions of words matters: because, if and when we know the definition of a word, we will often find the connections between it and other words, and how they are connected to the fundamental laws of this world we call Natural Law:

Simple Definition of principle

  • : a moral rule or belief that helps you know what is right and wrong and that influences your actions

  • : a basic truth or theory : an idea that forms the basis of something

  • : a law or fact of nature that explains how something works or why something happens

Right there, in the definition of the word, ‘principle,’ we find that it means a moral or Natural Law (note: morality is just a part, or subset of Natural Law).  But we also see that ‘principle’ is connected to ‘truth’ (as are morality and Natural Law).

Now, if we look up the meaning of ‘truth,’ we find that it is connected to ‘fact.’  Put it all together and we have the following understanding of ‘principle:’

A moral law which is real, fixed and universal.

Now, if you will compare this to the definition of morality, you will find they are essentially the same thing.  So why does this matter?  Simple:

FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: No Morality, No Liberty: No God, No Morality

Or, in other words, if there are no principles in your life, then there can be no liberty: but if you do not believe in the Creator, you cannot have principles.  This is Truth, as explained here:

The Creator: a Necessary Fallacy

Therefore, if we are to live a ‘principled’ (i.e. moral, or ‘good’) life, then we must live according to the Creator’s Law.  But we cannot stop there.  We must compare the teachings of whatever belief we embrace to the Creator’s Natural Laws.  And if the teachings of that belief contradict these Natural Laws, then we know that belief is false.  In the same way, we should compare our individual actions to the Creator’s Natural Law and, when our actions are in conflict or contradiction with those Laws, we know that we are acting outside of them.  It is in this way and only this way (comparing what we believe and do to Natural Law) that we can ever hope to arrive at anything even approaching Truth or the moral (i.e. ‘good’) life.

Oh!  And if you do not care about Natural Law or living the ‘good’ life, then understand: you are the very person from whom society was formed to protect us, and as such, society is well within its Natural Right to treat you as its enemy.

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