July 4th, 1776 — The Birth Of An EXCEPTIONAL Nation!

If you listen to those who claim to know better, they will tell you this is not an exceptional nation.  That it’s founders were just a bunch of old, rich white men looking to preserve their place of privilege.  They will even tell you that the nation was built entirely upon racism and slavery.  Well, this may surprise you, but they are correct!  This is a nation founded by old, rich white men who use racism and slavery to preserve their place of privilege.  But then, we are talking about the nation that Progressives have built, and not the nation which was born on July 4th, 1776.  Now that was an exceptional nation, and the men who founded it were exceptional men, but that nation died long ago.  If you have a moment, I’d like to tell you about that nation, and its founders — so that you will know the truth, and you can compare them to the old, rich white racists who keep you in slavery today so they can live comfortable lives of privilege.

First, you need to understand what I mean when I say that the original United States was an exceptional nation.  This is why knowing the definition of a word matters.  You see, today, the rich old white men who want to hold on to their power would like you to believe that when I say the original United States was exceptional, I am saying they were somehow better than the rest of the world.  They would have you believe that when I say such a thing, I am being arrogant, and looking down on all other nations.  But they are liars.  They know this is not what I mean when I say the United States was born an exceptional nation.  They just don’t want you to know the truth because, if you do, you may see that they are trying to force you back under the conditions that dominated the world before the United States changed it all.

You see, we are too far removed from the world of 1776.  Back then, the ‘rule of law’ and ‘democracy’ were just lofty ideals that people spoke about, but which only applied to the privileged few.  Even in England, the King still had power over Parliament, and the King could and did sell 1/3 of the world’s population to a corporation.  At this time, this was the norm.  Only the elite had rights.  Only the rich, powerful and well connected people had any sense of personal liberty.  Everyone else was a serf: owned by the State, and as easily ignored or discarded as any slave in America ever was.  That is how the entire world lived: under the tyranny of the well-to-do.  But the birth of the United States changed all of this.

The original founders actually believed in the notion that we are all created equal.  They did not believe there should be one set of laws for the well-to-do and another for the ‘commoners.’  They said so in the Declaration of Independence.  And because they looked to God for guidance, and founded this nation on His laws, this was  a nation where the individual’s rights and liberty were to be protected — no matter what his station in society.  In fact, if we would bother to read the Constitution, we will find that it specifically says that, in a legal matter where neither side can prove their case, that matter is to be decided in favor of the poorer man!  That is correct; it is in the Constitution — if you know where to look and what you are reading.  Read the Seventh Amendment.  It guarantees the right of a jury trial by common law.  Well, in 1776, common law dictated that if neither side could make their case, the case was to be decided in favor of the less wealthy person.  This — and many more things just like it — is what made the nation our original founders created an exception to the rule: they created the first nation where the elite would not lord over the common man.  Where the law would protect the common man, and government would exist solely to see that this was done in a fair and impartial manner.  But the rich old white men of today do not want you to know that our founders believed in such things.

Now that we understand that America — as it was originally founded — was an exception to the whole of human history before it, let us look at some other lies we have been told.

First, we have people telling you that the original founders were just a bunch of old, rich white guys.  Well, many of them were old, but not all of them were.  Jefferson was only 33, as were Thomas Stone and James Wilson.  Thomas Heyward was 30, as was Dr. Benjamin Rush.  Heck, Thomas Lynch, Jr. was only 26, and so was Edward Rutledge.  In fact, the average age of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence was only 44!  Now compare that to the average age of the rich old white men in Congress today.  In 2009, the average age in the House was 57 and the Senate was 63!  OK, so exactly how is 44 old, while 57 and 63 isn’t?

But what about the claim that the founders were all rich?  Well, Samuel Adams sure wasn’t.  In fact, he was so poor, when he was elected to Congress, his constituents bought him that red suit you see in his famous portrait — so he wouldn’t embarrass them in Congress!  Jefferson was in debt the majority of his life.  Two were ministers, three were doctors and one was a farmer.  In fact, the majority were either merchants or lawyers, and just as today, not all businessmen and lawyers are wealthy.  So to just assume they were all ‘rich’ is a fallacy.  It simply was not true.  Yes, many were, but then, many were not — especially by our standards of ‘rich’ today.  However, the rich old white guys in Congress today have an estimated net worth of $7 billion dollars!  That is an average of $130 million per person!

We are also told that the original founders were racist slave owners.  Well, it’s true: some of them were racists, and some did own slave — but only 15 of the 56, and of those 15, several wanted to but could not free their slaves because it was illegal for them to do so in their State!  That’s correct.  Several of the men who signed the Declaration and owned slaves wanted to, but could not free their slaves because the laws in their State forbid it.  Thomas Jefferson is one of those men!  This means only 26% of the men who signed the Declaration owned slaves.  This hardly constitutes sufficient cause to accuse the other 74% of being racists!  What’s more, when some of these same men helped to write the Constitution, they used the 3/5th Clause to insure that slavery would eventually come to an end in this country.  Yes!  That’s correct: the 3/5th Clause was not about declaring a black man 3/5 of a white, but about making sure the slave States would eventually be too weak to over-rule the free States in Congress!  What’s more, Frederick Douglas is among those who said so:

Oh, and about Jefferson being a slave owner.  Did you know that in his original draft of the Declaration, he devoted an entire paragraph to the condemnation of the King for forcing slavery on the Colonies, and for refusing to allow the Colonies to end slavery?  It’s true.  You should read it sometime.  Now, compare all of this to the rich white men in Congress today.  They are racists.  They use race as a weapon every day, and they keep minorities enslaved through welfare programs.  By making people dependent upon government, they have put minorities back on the plantation, they’ve just done it in a way that prevents the dependent from seeing they are slaves again.  And don’t for a moment think these people in Congress are not racists.  They are.  The Progressive movement was founded in racism.  Look into Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ and other Progressive icons such as Margaret Sanger.  You will find racism every bit the equal of the NAZI’s, only where the original founders sought to end slavery and make all men equal before the law, our modern founders see racism as a means of perpetuating the new political slavery that keeps them in power.

The truth — the real truth — is that the men who originally founded this nation were largely opposed to slavery, and they eventually changed the attitude of the nation.

The Founding Fathers and Slavery

So who were our original founders?  Well, Paul Harvey gave us this story about them:

And we have this:

The Men Who Singed The Declaration Of Independence

Now, if you look this up, the very first thing you will find is a piece by Snopes telling you it is only partially true.  First of all, I find it interesting that this is at the top of the search results.  But more than that, if you read the Snopes piece with a critical eye, you will see that much of what Snopes claims is not true is actually spin by Snopes.  For example: Snopes explains away the founders who lost personal property in the Revolution by saying that sort of thing happens in war.  Snopes also says that the founders who were captured and tortured did not die at the hands of the British.  But neither of Snopes excuses is the point.  Several of the founders did lose property.  Several were tortured.  Some did lose family members in the war.  Others did suffer hardship and loss due to service in the war.  The point is that all of this was because they signed the Declaration.  If they hadn’t, they most likely would have never suffered these losses.  But they did sign, knowing full well that when they did, they would be facing the very real possibility of being hung as traitors.  Now, compare that to the rich old white men in Congress today.  How many of them do anything that puts one penny of their money or one hair on their head in harms way?

This brings us full circle: back to the founders of the new America — the Progressive America.  The nation in which we live today is run by people who do not answer to the very laws they force upon us.  They are above the law.  They only face legal sanction when they fall out of favor with their fellow elites.  Otherwise, they are no different than the lords who ruled over the serfs before 1776 changed the world.  These new elite are still racists, they just hide it behind a mask.  They pretend to be crusading against racism, but look at what they actually do: they label and divide according to the color of your skin.  That, my dear reader, is racism!  And they are also slave owners; they’ve just changed the way slavery is practiced.  They no longer need to burden themselves with taking care of you like masters on old.  Today, they give you just enough to survive, then tell you to vote for them if you want more.  Once they get you into this political plantation, they own you as surely as anyone ever owned slaves in 1776.  And all of this is so the new founders can stay rich and in charge.

No, the original founders were not perfect, but they shot for a perfect ideal of how things should be, and they created a system designed to help us achieve that goal — at least as close to achieving it as humans can come.  By doing so, they showed themselves to be exceptional people, and they created an exceptional nation.  But, alas, that nation is no more, and our new founders do not want you to remember it, let alone remember it as it actually was.  Because, if you do that — if you remember America and her founders as they were, and were meant to be — why then you might just wake up and realize that the old order our original founders broke away from has seized control over us again.  And if we see that they have made us slaves once more, and we can look back at men who built a nation that showed us there is a better way, why we might just do to our new masters what the original founders did to their old ones.  We might just throw off their chains, and then where would those rich old white men in Washington DC be?  What would they do if they actually had to survive on their own merit for a change?

[NOTE: I no longer think of my voice as anything special.  There was a time when I believed I had something important to say, but not so much these days.  I write now because I feel driven to do so.  Something inside me will not let me rest until I post the pages you just read.  I’d just as soon not bother anymore.  It all seems like no one is listening and I do more harm than good.  So I have come to trust that whatever it is driving me has all this under control.  Personally, I believe it is God, but others may not.  All I ask is that, if anything I write helps you, or you think it might help others in any way, please, share this page.  Re-blog it, share it on FB or send the link to your friends.  So long as you feel it will do more good than harm, then please, use this page however you wish.  Thank you.]

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