The Constitution Cannot ‘Save’ Us Any More Than The Bible!

The Oil for Your Lamp

It’s true: the Bible cannot save you!  However, it can guide you to the Person Who can — but you have to read it and embrace its teachings first.  This is because salvation comes through faith/trust in the One True God in the form of Jesus Christ.  If you let it, the Bible will teach you how to have a personal relationship with God, and how you can be saved through that relationship.  In this sense, God’s Word (i.e.the Bible) is a guide to salvation, but not salvation, itself.  The Constitution is very similar: it cannot save us, but it can help us keep from destroying ourselves.  However, just like the Bible, you have to understand the principles behind it.  In the case of Scripture, the Bible teaches faith, trust and love.  In the case of the Constitution…  Well, the principle is the same, but the way…

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