A Short Administrative Note

If you follow this blog, you may have noticed I’ve not had much to say the past several weeks, and when I did write, my posts were getting off the stated purpose of this blog.  I apologize for this.  The truth is, I have been struggling, and I started to use the blog to vent.  Well, the Lord has made it clear to me that this is not acceptable.  This is His blog: I am just the scribe (but no, I do not think I am a prophet — just a scribe and nothing more).  I have been watching what is happening in this world and turning more and more to Scripture for my refuge.  As I study God’s Word, I find peace, but I also find I feel less like writing.  This comes from a sense of true, sincere humility.  As I realize how flawed I am, I think: “Who am I to tell others how to think or act?”  But the Lord has hold of me.  When I need encouragement, He sends someone to tell me my words have meaning for them and their life.  When this happens, I think: “If He has deemed me worthy of delivering His message to others, who am I to question Him?”  When I resist and rebel, He consumes me like a fire from within until I obey and write what He commands.  At times like this, I know what it was like for Jonah.  So, either way, I am compelled to continue writing.  But more than this, the Lord has let me know that I must write more — only I must stay away from my personal thoughts about narrow issues and focus on sharing what He has taught me about the bigger picture.  My job is to share my insights into principles and ideals and leave the rest to Him.  As I said, He is teaching me, and this includes teaching me to trust.

Therefore, in an attempt to be obedient, I have purged a number of my recent posts.  Anything that struck me as strictly political has been purged.  Going forward, I will be more active on this blog, but I will also try to be more focused.  My goal is to focus only on sharing what I have been shown concerning the principles and ideals underlying the central purpose of this page.  If I do this, I am confident that whatever message I am supposed to deliver will be received by whomever it is intended to be read.  I pray this is you, and that — somehow — my obedience will bless you and your family.

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