This page is dedicated to the principles of Natural Law.  For those interested in related matters, such as how we apply these principles in our daily lives, you might want to subscribe to my companion page, The OYL.  That said, I have decided to add an additional sub-series to this page (I will likely cross-blog them to The OYL, as well).  This series will deal with defending our language.  The reason I believe this series belongs on this page is because language is a form of logic, and like logic, it has rules.  The way we use language and logic are directly connected to Natural Law.  When we use them correctly, we remain firmly within the confines of Natural Law.  But when we pervert either language or logic for the purposes of deception or to justify something that illegal or immoral, we violate Natural Law.  So, for this and other reasons I hope will become apparent as time goes on, I will be adding the series DEFENDING THE LANGUAGE to The Road to Concord.  I hope you will find it of use in your own efforts to understand our world and to find your place within it.

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