FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: Govt. Commits Extortion when It Fines

It is a foundational principle of Natural Law that only the harmed Party is due compensation.  The government exists to maintain a court system that allows the harmed to state their case and to insure the law is fairly applied so that the accused can fairly defend themselves.  In no case does government ever have an interest in these cases because it is an artificial entity and, therefore, it does not have rights.  That means government cannot be harmed, which then means it cannot be owed damages.  Only real people have rights, and only real people can be harmed and make fair claim to compensation from the person(s) who harmed them.  Yet, today, our government routinely fines people and businesses.  When it does so, it violates the Social Contract, effectively making its action nothing more than extortion.  Here is just the latest in this long string of injustices:

Toyota to pay $1.2 billion fine for misleading consumers on sudden acceleration

This same sort of thing is routinely committed on individuals and corporations, and it is an abomination to the rule of law.  Even if the government purports to ‘distribute’ the fine to those who were harmed by Toyota, it still commits a crime by consuming a portion of that fine.  If the fine is what is owed to the harmed individuals, then it should be paid to those individuals – in direct proportion to the actual harm caused – and none of it should go to the government – not even for court costs.  The government, if it is run properly and justly, should have already accounted for the cost of the court in its tax policy.  When the government assumes it will use court fees and fines to pay for its operations, it again violates the principles of Natural Law by mandating that there must be a certain number of ‘guilty’ every year so that the necessary money can be collected to run itself.  This is just another form of extortion by the government.

On top of this, if the collective damages to individuals are this great, someone should be going to jail.  But the law does not allow for the U.S. government to charge and try the owners of the Toyota Corporation.  They are too many and live in too many different countries.  And because Toyota is a corporation, and thus, it is not real, it cannot be put in jail, either.  So nothing happens except the government fines Toyota.  There is nothing in this system that even resembles justice for the individuals who were harmed, only a system that has developed to serve the government and provide a means of slapping corporations on the wrist while making sure small companies and individuals can never threaten the larger corporations who, in reality, still fund the government officials who see to it that they never suffer real harm – so long as they pay their fines.

This should never have been allowed to develop, but now that it has, we need to accept the fact that the only way to return to Natural Law and true justice is to destroy the system we currently have and re-build it from its foundations.  There is no way to fix this piece-meal; the people who are already in charge of it have too many ways to thwart any such attempt.  And this is why our nation and the world is in such a mess: because the law has been allowed to be turned into a system of oppression rather than justice.

2 thoughts on “FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: Govt. Commits Extortion when It Fines

  1. Consider how many billions or trillions the fine would be if “the law” applied to Progressives as it is applied to all others, for the lies promoted and repeated about Obamacare.

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