FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: U.S. Government Openly Violating Natural Law

I almost titled this one under “Tyranny in the Headlines,” because every story listed in this post represents an open act of tyranny.  However, since these stories all illustrate clear violations of natural law, I chose to use them to illustrate how the government violates natural law and the chaos that naturally results.  With that said, here are the principles of natural law and the stories showing the U.S. government in open violation of these principles:

Looking to nature, we notice that animals have the natural right to raise and defend their children.  If you doubt this, go try to play with a mother bears cubs and see how well that works out for you.  Or try it with a goose and her goslings and see if the result is any different.  That parents have a natural right to raise and protect their offspring is self-evident to all but those who wish to alter these natural laws.  And this is what these stories represent: a government attempt to alter the natural order of things by taking away parental rights:

German home-schooling family faces deportation after Supreme Court denies hearing

[NOTE: this story is not only about the U.S. government saying parents have no authority over their children’s’ education, but that they have no religious rights, either – because freedom of religion is why this family fled to the U.S.]

Alaska Family Living In ‘Nightmare’ After Son Declared Ward of State Following Hospital Visit (UPDATED)

‘Good News’ in the Justina Pelletier Case

In all of these cases, the government is claiming there is some defect with the parents, but in none of these cases has the government shown this to be the case.  There have been no court cases where a jury could make this determination: the government has just declared it to be so and acted accordingly.  That, my friend, is tyranny – not to mention a clear violation of natural law.

This story represents the government claiming that you do not have the Natural Right to Contract.  At its most fundamental level, telling you who you can and cannot do business with, and how that business can and cannot be conducted is a violation of your Natural Right to Contract with other individuals – one of the primary reasons government is created in the first place: to protect the right to Contract.

Obamacare Architect: ‘Be Prepared to Kiss Your Insurance Company Good-Bye Forever’

This story is about the government violating the Social Contract (i.e. the Constitution), as well as the Natural Right to self-defense.  With the stroke of a pen, the State of Connecticut has made those who seek to retain their right to defend themselves into criminals.  This is a blatant act of tyranny so egregious as to make the entire State and Federal governments null and void.  If the government will not protect and insure your individual right to self-defense, then there is no reason for government at all.

Fed-Up Navy Veteran Forewarned Conn. Lawmakers on Gun Registration: ‘I’m Telling You Right Now, I Will Not Comply’

Listen to me, please.  This nation is no longer free.  This is a fact, and we need to accept it.  Our government no longer responds to the people.  It has become tyrannical.  Were they alive today, our founding fathers would have already acted to dissolve the government we have now and replace it with one that acts within the proper confines of a just government.  But, alas, the founders had the courage of their convictions.  There are few among us who can say that today, and fewer still who will actually place their lives on the line to prove it.  What’s more, we no longer have the moral foundation to do what must be done.  If we did, we wouldn’t have ever gotten to where we find ourselves today in the first place.  Still, we cannot lay down and just let darkness overtake the world.  What we must do now is turn back to the source of our liberty and seek God’s forgiveness.  Even if you reject God, you will be hard pressed to tell me that living by the Ten Commandments is a bad thing for any society.  Unless and until this nation finds its moral compass and refuses to deviate from it, all is lost.  And, without God’s blessing, we will not find that moral compass – because God is the source of moral law.  To reject God is to reject morality, and to reject morality is to reject civil society.  It’s that simple, my friend.  It’s that simple.

7 thoughts on “FUNDAMENTALS OF NATURAL LAW: U.S. Government Openly Violating Natural Law

  1. Joe,

    All in line with moving to a nationalized single payer health care system. Big business will be more than glad to dump coverage. Just the management burden alone makes their products non-competitive with foreign competitors.

    When our judicial system deny’s parents right to raise and educate their children we no longer have a system based on Judeo/Christian values. You can rest assure our judicial system would never step in and rule that Muslims don’t have the right to raise their children on Islamic values.

    We have lost any wisdom that remained in the Supreme Court. It is lost.

    Moving further from the free market to corporatist control. Our march to a totalitarian inches forward. Fascism is the goal.

  2. Please explain why is Obamacare bad? The way I understand it is, in an essence rich and healthy will pay for those who can’t afford a descent healthcare. Why is that bad?

    1. Someone:

      What business is it of yours whether someone has more money than you? And how do you derive a claim to their money to provide for your healthcare? How is that any different from out-right theft? It isn’t! What’s more, the notion that the poor are somehow ‘deserving,’ or that there is a moral imperative to take from ‘the rich’ and give to ‘the poor’ is a lie!

      Morally speaking, ‘the rich’ have no obligation to ‘the poor.’ HOWEVER, under Natural Law, they do have a DUTY to God to do so. But then, God has nothing to do with the State, and when the State tries to take God’s place by deciding who is ‘rich’ and who is ‘poor’ and who owes whom what, then the State has sinned against God by stepping outside its rightful authority.

      Lest you forget: if you are going to accept the idea that the rich in this nation owe the poor in this nation anything, then that same argument can be used to force the poor in America — who are wealthy by global standards — to pay for the poor of the world. So, how would you feel about the UN taking 50-60% of everything YOU have for the children in Africa? Would you think that is as ‘right’ as Obamacare?

      Besides, Obamacare is NOT about helping the poor. It is about controlling your life — every aspect of your life.

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