Our founders studied all of the governments that had ever been in constructing our own, and they concluded that the best way to preserve individual rights and liberty is through a constitutional republic based on the rule of law and not men.  So long as the people insist that the nation’s laws are obeyed and its rulers are held accountable to them, then individual rights and liberty will continue.  But once a nation’s rulers learn that they can pick and chose which laws to obey at will and without any consequences, then the rule of law ends and anarchy begins.  I can prove it with two simple words:


: having no laws

: not obeying the law


: a situation of confusion and wild behavior in which the people in a country, group, organization, etc., are not controlled by rules or laws

Now let me ask you something: how much longer do you think you will retain your rights and liberty when this is being permitted?

‘A Pattern of Lawlessness’: Ted Cruz Outlines Why Even Democrats Should Be Concerned About Obama Administration’s Actions

The only mistake Senator Cruz makes in his analysis is that, if there were a Republican President in office, this level of lawlessness would not be permitted.  The Progressive propaganda machine we know as the ‘main stream media’ would see to it that any President who truly opposed their agenda who acted outside the law was driven from office.

But this brings another question to mind.  What do we have when our President is not held accountable to the law and the nation’s supposed watch dog (i.e. the media) is actively protecting him instead of exposing his lawlessness?

And what does it say about those people who were so quick to find Fascism in the Bush Administration, yet they have nothing to say about what is happening now?

As the inevitable result starts to manifest itself as a total breakdown in society, it will create a perception of crisis, which will then be exploited to demand ‘emergency powers.’  Capitalism and greed will be blamed for the chaos that lawlessness actually created and then the people who created that chaos will demand these emergency powers promising that only they have the solutions and can save us.  And those solutions will involve theft of wealth to buy the complacency of the masses and – most likely – the imprisonment or even elimination of those innocent people who will be blamed for the mess that the lawless ones created.  This is how republics die, and we are well into the fourth stage of the malignancy.


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