TYRANNY IN THE HEADLINES: Obama Openly Declares He WILL Act as a Dictator

I find it unsettling that so many can be so blind to the growing spirit of tyranny in this nation.  Has this country strayed so far from the principles and ideals of its founding that we no longer recognize it when we see it?  Sadly, the answer appears to be “yes.”  Otherwise, when we saw stories such as this one, the reaction would be swift, sure and overwhelming and these people would be removed and tried for subversion and/or sedition:

Obama: I’ll Act Alone Without Congress If They Don’t Pass Certain Legislation

Now, before we go any further, let’s get a few things straight:

First, I am not a racist, nor is it ‘racist’ to attack this man’s words and/or deeds.  In fact, it is closer to racism to claim that I am only opposing Obama because he is black than to object to what he is saying and doing.

Second, what Obama is doing is not part of the rule of law.  There is no Constitutional authority for the President (or the Court, for that matter) to make law.  The power to make law lies solely with the Congress.  So, these ‘executive orders’ that Obama and those before him have issued that carry the weight of law are unconstitutional!  Furthermore, this is not ‘my opinion,’ it is a matter of fact as stated in the actual text of the supreme law of this land – the U.S. Constitution.

Third, this means that what Obama is doing is the very definition of lawlessness.  Where he cannot get the legislative – and representative – body of this nation to do his bidding, he is overtly declaring he will just do so by decree.  What’s more, this is ‘undemocratic.’  By declaring that he will go around the peoples’ representatives, he is thwarting the will of the people.  This is dictatorship, and it is exactly how representative democracies traditionally fall to dictators.  And yes, Obama is becoming a tyrant:

Full Definition of TYRANT

1a :  an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution

b :  a usurper of sovereignty

2a :  a ruler who exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally

b :  one resembling an oppressive ruler in the harsh use of authority or power

To those who do not think there is any comparison between what we are seeing in our country now and what happened in Europe during the 1930’s, I suggest you wake up and wake up fast.  What we are seeing in America right now is a replay of exactly what happened in Europe during the 1930’s.  We just do not see or understand it because we no longer teach history to our children.  But make no mistake about this: if this is not stopped – and it is in and coming from both Parties – if it is not stopped and stopped soon, we will go the way of Europe and mankind will never know individual liberty again (not until the second coming, anyway).  If you think I am exaggerating, ask yourself this question: if Hitler had the NSA and the ability to gather all the information our government now has, do you think any resistance would have had any chance to form, let alone operate?  And, with the abilities our government has now, do you think the Allies would have been able to defeat Hitler’s forces when Hitler would have known everything they were planning to do before they did it?  The answer is no, and anyone who doubts that either doesn’t know history, or is intentionally denying reality.

This must be stopped, and stopped now.  But before we can stop it, this country has to remember what the law is supposed to be and do, so that we can know and understand the proper role of government.  So, if you care – really, truly care – get a drink, then open this link and start reading.  This is what the law is supposed to be, all it is supposed to do, and the extent of ‘proper’ government’s duties and authority:

Frederick Bastiat and ‘The Law”

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