USURPATION: Obama Abuses Presidential Authority In Executive Orders/Directives

The Constitution represents the Social Contract under which our society is supposed to operate.  This contract clearly defines the specific roles and authority within those roles of the various branches of government.  Our Constitution grants the legislative role to the Congress.  Nowhere in the Constitution does Congress have the authority to cede its power to another branch, or to create a bureaucracy to take over its role as law maker.  Nor can the Executive or the Court take any action that carries the weight of law.  This is important to understand, because it is only when we understand this that we see the usurpation in the Executive and Judicial branches of our federal and State governments.  That usurpation is most commonly called tyranny.

Now, President Obama has clearly and repeatedly said that he can and will go around Congress if Congress does not do his bidding.  Furthermore, he has demonstrated he can and will do so on many occasions.  He violated U.S. bankruptcy law with the auto bailouts, and he broke the law when he extorted $2 Billion from BP.  This is tyranny – plain and simple.  Now Obama is breaking the law and violating the Constitution yet again by signing an executive order directing the various government agencies to make plans to implement whatever he decides to do about ‘global warming.’

Obama Signs Executive Order to ‘Prepare Nation’ for Effects of Climate Change

This is tyranny.  Obama has no authority to do anything that carries the weight of law – none. But he and the highest officials in his cabinet have openly admitted they know they are violating the Constitution, and that they do not care:

Kerry ‘Amazed’ That Some Americans Still Don’t Grasp Urgency of Global Warming

 “And yet, we have people, even in the United States Senate, who stand up and deny. So we have work to do and we have to undertake to try to do whatever we can – without legislation, if that’s what it takes – through executive authority, through our own decisions, to try to make the choices that will make a difference in this.”

We must understand the way the English language reveals and even shapes the way we think.  By acknowledging that they will enforce action “without legislation, if that’s what it takes” is an admission that they know they are required to get legislation from Congress before they can enforce their plans.  Then Kerry admits that the Administration will make the choices they deem necessary.  If one enforces those choices without legislation – in other words, without the consent of the people – one has just admitted to being a dictator!  This administration has not only admitted it, they have demonstrated it.  Congress refused to pass the carbon taxes associated with the green house gas regulations Obama wanted, and the Courts sided with Congress, but Obama just directed the EPA to put everything in place through “regulation.”  Regulation is just another name for law, and that means Obama made law — as he did with this executive order.

The facts here are simple: we no longer live in a free and self-governing society.  We have been ruled by dictators for some time now.  It is a soft tyranny, to be sure, but history teaches that, unless tyrants are stopped, sooner or later they stop being ‘benevolent.’  The reason they have not been stopped in this nation is twofold.  First, the men and women in Congress are cowards, but mostly, they are complicit in this usurpation of power…because they hope to gain control of it for themselves someday.  But the second reason we have lost our liberty is in the mirror: us.  We have allowed this.  The people always allow whatever tyranny they suffer under.  There are 1.5 billion people in China.  Even unarmed, what do you think would happen if they suddenly rose up against their government?  This is why all tyrants instinctively know they must still placate the masses – and those who lasted any length of time did just that.  The question now is, will our current tyrants understand this, or will they over-reach?  And if they over reach, what then?

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