APPLIED NATURAL LAW: A Natural Law Approach To Handling Welfare Abusers

On my other blog page, The OYL, I posted TRUTH: Welfare Destroys The Human Spirit. Now I’d like to explain one way we could actually solve the issue presented by this video:

We start by assuming we live in a society that has constructed a social safety net similar to the one I described in APPLIED NATURAL LAW: A Natural Law Approach To Welfare.  We then assume that the mother in this video has exhausted her lifetime limit for government assistance.  What we tell the mother is simple: tough.  You will have to fend for yourself.  However, we still have the problem of what to do for these fifteen children.  Here is one possible solution that fits within the frame work of Natural Law and our social safety net.

We start by offering the mother choices.  First, she can provide for her children on her own and/or through whatever individual charity she may be able to find.  If she chooses this option, we make it known we will check on the children to make sure they are receiving the proper care – with proper care being defined as the same minimum necessities for life described in our safety net.

We would also offer the mother the second option of surrendering her children to the State.  If she chooses this option, she will not get her children back unless and until she can demonstrate she can provide for them above and beyond the minimum necessities and with the reasonable expectation that she will be able to sustain such care.  If she accepts the State’s offer to care for her children, she then has to make one of two other choices.

Since she has proven she has no concern for the effect of her actions on society, she can either chose voluntary sterilization, or incarceration until she enters menopause.  This way, society exercises its right of self defense without unjustly forcing its will on the mother.  She has a choice here.  If she wishes to remain free, she must demonstrate her willingness not to add to the burden she has already placed on society by voluntarily undergoing sterilization.  However, if she does not wish to do so, then society has every right to jail her until such time where she can no longer have children.  Keep in mind: this woman brought this on herself by first violating the social contract, which contains an inherent duty to keep one’s self from becoming a burned on society.

As for the children, if the State accepts them into its care, it does so until they reach legal age.  It becomes responsible for minimum care and education, as well as reasonable assistance in placing each child in gainful employment upon reaching the age of maturity.  In addition, upon reaching the age of maturity, each child will then become eligible to start drawing from their lifetime total government assistance.

And this is one possible way society could deal with the situation in the above video while keeping within the boundaries of Natural law.

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