It’s Operation Shoe-String all over again

In WW II, the first offensive ground operation conducted by the Allies in the South Pacific was the invasion of Guadalcanal.  It was a sizable tropic island in the South-Eastern end of the Solomon Island.  The invasion was officially called Operation Watchtower, but the Marines dubbed it Operation Shoe-String because – fearing an attack from the Japanese – the Navy left before it unloaded the Marines’ heavy equipment, ammunition and food supplies.  This forced the Marines to make do with captured materials and whatever they could manage to get past the Japanese by air and small surface ships.  This situation continued for several months before enough strength could be mustered to relieve the hard-pressed Marines and secure the island.  I mention this story because, as a former Marine, I feel like those of us who are trying to hold back the encroaching forces of tyranny are in a similar position: we’re facing overwhelming odds from a foe flushed with victory and we have darned few resources with which to hold them.  But, as a former Marine, I don’t know how to give ground.  Instead, I am determined to do what I can with what I have in hopes that others will eventually join the fight in time to win the day.

Originally, I had intended to fill out all the information I want to put in the header pages at the top of the blog.  In my mind, those pages would form a sort of base from which we could work as we started to re-learn history.  They would also provide us with an ideal by which we could evaluate the stories and events of the day.  But I don’t believe we have enough time left for such a methodical approach.  Our nation is in decline and our society is starting to decay.  Every day, the headlines are filled with stories that illustrate how far we’ve strayed from the people we once were and were meant to be.  If we still understood Natural Law, Natural Rights, the social contract and how they all work together to insure individual liberty, then we would see the danger that lurks in these headlines.  But we don’t see it because we’ve forgotten – or worse, we’ve embraced a different ideology, an ideology that presents itself as providing freedom but always leads to destruction.  While it’s true, we have a lot of ground to recover if we want to be ready to face the crisis that is already at our door, and our time is very, very short, but I’m not ready to give up on this nation or our people.  So I’ve decided I’ve waited long enough.  Rather than taking the time to write everything I want to put in the header pages before I start explaining what I see in the headlines, I’m just going to start writing what I can when I can and hope – like the Marines on Guadalcanal — that everything will come together in time to save the day.

So let’s get going; let’s get back on The Road to Concord.

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