5.15.2023 SHOW NOTES: Nothing to See Here Except the NWO Taking Over

I’ll explain how I see the following stories on the show. Until then, here are your ‘Show Notes’ for today’s class:

WEF Orders Govt’s to ARREST Citizens Who Read ‘Fake News’ Online

WHO to Govern the Health of the World?

Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines Had No Effect on Overall Mortality: Trial Data Reanalysis

Yes, Breitbart, The Netherlands Anti-Agriculture Scheme Is a Disturbing Development

BULLETIN: 9 FBI Whistleblowers Have Gone Missing

List of 71 Clinton Associates Who Died Mysteriously or Committed Suicide Before Testimony

Migrant Processing Center in El Paso PACKED with Illegal Aliens – Nearly ALL are Military Age Males (VIDEO)

El Paso Department of Public Health Warns of Community Outbreaks of Chickenpox, TB, Infestations, and STD Due to Influx of Illegal Aliens

DHS Chief Mayorkas Says It’s “Sad and Tragic” When Governors Secure Their States’ Borders Amid Invasion (VIDEO)

Did Twitter Just Pull a Bud Light? Many Close to Abandoning Platform After Details of New CEO Emerge


We live in a world of total immersion: propaganda and deep fakes are everywhere, so we can’t really trust anything — pro or con to our personal perspectives.

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