5.8.2023 SHOW NOTES: The Headlines Are Following The Movie Plots

Here are your show notes for today’s show:

COVID-19 mRNA vaccines contain excessive amounts of bacterial DNA: evidence and implications

Components of mRNA Vaccines: A Scientific Analysis


The Digital Dollar

King Charles and the Globalists Set Meeting for September to Plot How to Accelerate Goals of U.N. Agenda 2030 and the Complete Digitization of Humanity


Gene Manipulation of Our Food

WATCH: Massive fire breaks out at Shell refinery in Houston

EU Supports Dutch Government Plans To Shut Down Farms And Ban Farmers Forever From Returning

Yes, Breitbart, The Netherlands Anti-Agriculture Scheme Is a Disturbing Development


We are reaching a boiling point. Watch as Good Samaritan tackles shoplifters at TJ Maxx.

Timeless Glenn Beck clip goes viral; striking parallels resonate with viewers years later

Assault Victim Says Marine Vet ‘Shouldn’t Be Punished’ for Restraining Man Who Previously Attacked Him

Social Decay


China syncs monkey brain with a computer in a ‘world first’ experiment

From 2016

From 2017

1.30.2023 SHOW NOTES: Playing COVID-Jab Jenga Through Occam’s Looking Glass

2.23.2023 SHOW NOTES: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger ‘Conspiracy Boat!’

Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences – International Conference in Stockholm

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