4.17.2023 SHOW NOTES: Classified Document Leak?  “I Know This Music,…”

Here are your ‘Show Notes’ for today’s show:

The Full Surveillance Power of the U.S. Govt Could Not Find the Classified Intel Leaker, But the Media Did…


Chinese Warships ‘Encircle’ Taiwan and Bombers Breach Air Defense Zone In Mock Attacks

“China’s military conducted mock attacks on key targets in and around Taiwan on Sunday.”

China Plans to Ban Exports of Rare Earth Magnet Tech

Iran in secret talks with China, Russia to acquire sanctioned missile fuel

Diplomats fear Tehran could help replenish Moscow’s depleted missile stocks

Xi, Putin Vow to ‘Significantly Increase’ Trade, Replace U.S. Dollar With Chinese Currency For Cross-Border Transactions 

With Biden at the helm, Xi tells Putin: “Change is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years. And we are driving this change together.

Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa Plan To Introduce Plans For A New Innovative Currency


Joel Kotkin: China wants to vassalize the West — Trudeau and Biden want to let it

As in imperial times, China’s goal is not to replicate the crude imperialism of the European type, but to create vassal states beholden to Beijing

Expert Calls on US to Further Facilitate Sales of Chips for Civilian and Commercial Uses in China

U.S. Not Ready to Quickly Produce and Ship Weapon Systems, Panel Says

Federal Government Borrowing Astronomical $6 Billion Per Day

Ukraine: Money-Laundering Hub of the New World Order

Latvia was investigating ‘suspicious’ payments to Hunter Biden, Burisma in potential laundering scheme: report


Ukraine War, 15 April 2023

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