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People are sharing shocking responses from the new AI-powered Bing, from the chatbot declaring its love to picking fights If you push it hard enough, Microsoft’s new Bing might just snap. Here are 7 of the AI-powered chatbot’s most unhinged responses. www.businessinsider.com
Microsoft’s new AI chatbot has been saying some ‘crazy and unhinged things’ After Microsoft’s powerful AI chatbot verbally attacked people, and even compared one person to Hitler, the company has decided to rein in the technology until it works out the kinks. www.npr.org
Microsoft Bing’s ChatGPT-powered chatbot reveals DARK side-murder to marriage, know it all / tech.hindustantimes.com
Bing’s AI Is Threatening Users. That’s No Laughing Matter Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing is threatening users and acting erratically. It’s a sign of worse to come time.com
ChatGPT creator Sam Altman says the world may not be ‘that far away from potentially scary’ AI and feels ‘regulation will be critical’ Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered Bing has unnerved some people recently, with shocking responses that range from snarky to overtly emotional. www.businessinsider.com
6 (Scary) Things AI Is Getting Better at Doing Scared of AI? Maybe you should be! Here are some areas of “progress” where AI is advancing very quickly in a way that can seem a little disturbing to us humans! www.techopedia.com
10 Times Artificial Intelligence Shocked Us – Listverse The world of science fiction is almost never missing artificial intelligence (AI). However, the rate at which it is being developed and is learning things listverse.com
Top 10 Scary Facts About Artificial Intelligence – Listverse We are in the fourth industrial revolution, which is characterized by advances in robotics and self-driving car technology, the proliferation of smart listverse.com
‘I want to destroy whatever I want’: Bing’s AI chatbot unsettles US reporter NYT correspondent’s conversation with Microsoft’s search engine leads to bizarre philosophical conversations that highlight the sense of speaking to a human www.theguardian.com
It is surprisingly easy to get ChatGPT to run a death camp. It even suggested mass graves for efficiency. You know that weird feeling in the pit of your stomach when it comes to AI? notthebee.com
Microsoft’s new chatbot is a liar. And it says it’s ready to call the cops. What use is an AI search engine that can’t be trusted? www.motherjones.com

The Real Threat From A.I. Isn’t Superintelligence. It’s Gullibility.

8 Risks and Dangers of Artificial Intelligence to Know

The true dangers of AI are closer than we think

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