2.16.2023 SHOW NOTES: Billy Joel Needs to Add Chinese Alien Balloons, Train Wrecks, Food, Energy and Water Shortages, Chinese Pay-Offs and Fake Green ($$$) Agendas to ‘The Fire’2.16.2023 SHOW NOTES:

Boy! That’s a mouth full. Anyway, I’ll explain on today’s show. Until then, here are your ‘Show Notes:’

Quote: “No energy system, in short, is actually “renewable,” since all machines require the continual mining and processing of millions of tons of primary materials and the disposal of hardware that inevitably wears out. Compared with hydrocarbons, green machines entail, on average, a 10-fold increase in the quantities of materials extracted and processed to produce the same amount of energy.”

Bill Gates Caught Admitting ‘Climate Change Is WEF Scam’ to Inner Circle

FYI: According to Archimedes, if ALL the ice in the Polar Ice Cap were to melt, the global ocean levels would GO DOWN!

Yes, that is 100% correct. Remember, that frozen ice takes up more volume than melted ice, and it is ‘floating’ on the top of the world’s oceans. So, melt the ice, lower the ocean levels! Simple ‘science.’

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