I will be live-casting casting a special show on Monday, Jan 2, 2023. I have a guest who many of you might find interesting.

The show will start at its new time of 10-12 AM EASTERN time, 9-11 AM CENTRAL time.

For those who do not already know about it, this post is refering to my live webcast. It is live, Monday — Friday, 10-12 AM EASTERN time, 9-11 AM CENTRAL time. You can find it on Rumble, just look for ‘theroadtococnord’ under ‘channels.’ Here is a link to the channel page with all our archived shows:


You might need to create an account, but they are free and only take a few minutes to set up. Besides, if you have an account and you like what I am doing, you can help us out by subscribing to our channel and liking our shows.

I will also share some of what was done over my break last week, and tell you where I hope to take the show in 2023. Hope you’ll join us.


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