11.16.2022 SHOW NOTES: Applying Logic to the Anti-Christ, Rapture and Other Controversial Subjects


I know we will be tackling some very controversial subjects today on ‘Worship Wednesday.’ I am not going to be making any claim to having new or ‘definitive’ teachings. All I am going to do is share some of the things I found written by other brothers, and how they appear — at least to me — to match perfectly with Scripture. As always, I will also ‘tweak’ what I received from those who came before me, and will add my own thinking to better guide my studies. What follows is meant to do the same for you: provide some new ways of looking at old subjects, as well as hand you a few ‘short-cuts’ to help you explore these issues further.

BIBLE PROPHECY: Why Study Bible Prophecy? (Part I in My 6-Part Series)

[Please forgive me; the above series of posts was written in 2016 and while my basic understandings have not changed, many smaller details have since come into sharper focus. I have yet to update these posts to reflect these sharper understandings.]


Seizing The Third Rail Of Prophecy: The Rapture!

What Is “The Mark Of The Beast?”

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