10.26.2022 SHOW NOTES: The Mormon Religion — NOT ‘Christian’

In 2015-16, Glenn Beck spent an entire monologue telling me and every ‘Christian’ who cares for and wants to warn him about the error of his religion that we are ‘haters,’ and that he doesn’t want anything to do with us. Since that time, I researched not on the Mormon but also the Islamic religions, and I have found they share a lot in common. Today, we have a special guest. A former high ranking member of the Mormon religion who has come out of the LDS and is now following ‘The Way.’ I have asked him to share his story with us. The following is a copy of his notes, as well as his answers to my questions. I have provided it in PDF format, for those who may wish to download this information:

What are some signs and practices of a cult?

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