Folks, THIS is how we fight back against the evil trying to destroy this nation:

DeSantis broaches repeal of Disney World’s special self-governing status in Florida

DeSantis is the last American governor. He is not only defending the values his voters sent him to office to defend, he is pushing back; taking back lost ground. He is an example to the rest of the nation — especially the GOP. If you simply do as you say, the people will back and support you. This is how and why he has turned Florida so red, the DNC will not be able to defeat him without cheating in some way.

Now, if DeSantis would just pull Disney’s corporate filing in the State of Florida, we might see them make some real changes to the way they govern their business: as in, they might stop pushing their political pedophilia/homosexuality agenda and get back to providing traditional family entertainment. After all, that is what their corporate filing says they are in business to do, not push politics. So, technically, Disney is in breach of their corporate charter (not to mention their fiduciary duty to their stock holds — or haven’t you seen the drop in their stock prices since they started this war against Florida?).

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