Works/Legalism vs Gratitude/Obedience: Do You Know What The Scriptures REALLY Say?

NOTE: I shared this on my Facebook page. Some of my readers may not understand why I would post this on a blog apparently dedicated to Natural Law. Well, I can assure you, in regard to Natural Law and the founding of the United States, it most certainly belongs on this blog (I explain why here). So, whether you are a believer or not, if you want to better understand how and why this nation came to be, and how and why it has survived so long, then this message is a requirement. I say that because the Founders knew, understood and embraced the Truth in this message, and they declare the principles contained within this message in our Declaration and wrote them into our Constitution.


For those who have not seen this yet, I encourage you to take a half hour out of your day to watch an absolutely brilliant and air-tight explanation of how the Scriptures actually tells us we — Jew and Gentile alike — are still required to keep TORAH.

THIS ‘should’ end the debate over whether or not believers are still supposed to follow TORAH — AND IT IS ALL BASED IN SOLID, SOUND SCRIPTURAL TEACHING!

Now, I know many Christians will balk at the message here. I have several friends who would not only balk at it, they would object to the source of the message. Well, all I can say to those who would dismiss this message before listening to it because of the topic or the source is YHWH’s Word warns against such foolishness:

Proverbs 18:13

One who gives an answer before he hears,

It is foolishness and shame to him.

[I strongly suggest reading the entire Proverb]

Now, click on the link and watch the video message:

Acts 15 – Obedience or Legalism



For those who may still be struggling with this issue, I offer these two videos from another teacher I have come to trust. In the first video, he sets up and explains James, Chapter 2 and the apparent contradiction/debate between James (Faith with works) and Paul (Faith and Faith alone). The second video shares a little Church history with us which, when properly understood, reveals what Scripture actually teaches, that it is both: salvation is a partnership between YHWH and ourselves.

BTW: If you watch David Pawson’s two videos, you might wonder how they relate to the subject of works/legalism and gratitude/obedience. On the surface, Pawson’s videos seem to be related, but not actually the same subject. If this is you, I would caution that you might not like Pawson’s teaching on our responsibility to YHWH’s Word/Commandments. Pawson says we are not only still obligated to obey, but that the New Testament gives us some 1100+ commands as opposed to the Old testament’s 613 or so. You’re welcome 🙂



The point of this post — at least as far as it relates to the U.S. Constitution — is this: if sincere people, who truly seek YHWH’s heart, have such trouble understanding YHWH’s Word, is it any wonder those who seek to get around our Constitutional constraints would have so much trouble understanding it and the Founders? Believers misunderstand Scripture because they ignore or misinterpret many passages of Scripture. Those who hate the Constitution distort it by ignoring or misinterpreting what the Founders had to say about it. Sadly, both are motivated by the same reason: a refusal to acknowledge and yield to YHWH and His Word/Law.

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