A Word About All This ‘White This And White That’ Non-Sense

I am sick and tired of people saying that reason, logic, math, the rule of law, truth — heck, anything they do not like or agree with is due to ‘White Privilege’ or racism. I’m tired of it. It is non-sense and they know it. They can’t beat their political opponents with ideas or industry (and this is about politics now), so they look for a way to shame people into submission. Well, so as not to be accused of speaking from my own ‘white-whatever,’ I’m just going to post this meme and let this great man deal with those race-hustlers out there (mostly because they couldn’t survive hearing/reading what Thomas Sowell has to say to and about them, or Walter Williams, for that matter 🙂 ):

[I can already hear their response now: Douglass was an ‘Uncle Thom.’ Well, to that I say: see my last post on taking personal responsibility, then have a talk with the person in your mirror.]

One thought on “A Word About All This ‘White This And White That’ Non-Sense

  1. This. Same with the feminist agenda-I am so sick of hearing about “proud” and “strong” women. This can be applied to the LGBTQ+ groups as well…Better stop while I’m ahead LOL

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