Folks, if you are at all concerned about the issues surrounding COVID-19, you seriously need to just sit down and watch the second hour of this show. The whole show is great, but the most important part starts around the 52:45 minute mark. Personally, this was one of, if not the most important videos I have watched on the COVID-19 mess. This is the ‘Theology Thursday’ hour, but this hour is about the importance of Omicron as a control group and how it is related to Maj. Joseph Murphy’s leaked DARPA document on COVID-19. Simply put, I cannot stress the need for people to watch and share this information — period! Just watch it and see if you disagree.

GOP = Jab? | Guest: Phil Kerpen | 1/13/22

If you watch this and find it to be as important as I do, please share it with anyone who will watch.

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