CONNECTING THE DOTS: The ‘Dog Whistle’ In Gates’ Vaccine Agenda

I want to explain how these people use coded language to boast about their plans in public commentary. First, watch this video of Bill Gates explaining how he can control population growth through ‘reproductive health services’ and ‘vaccines.’ Let’s start by watching the first 45 seconds of this video:

OK, now, let me explain what he means by this:

1st — He is assuming there is a need to reduce the human population of the earth. This assertion has been debunked many times:

2nd — ‘Reproductive Health Services:’ Sounds good, but what he actually means is abortion! So far, just in the United States, Eugenicists have managed to murder some 62 million people. This represents the largest genocide in human history! Remember, ‘Planned Parenthood’ was started by Margaret Sanger — to purge the world of blacks and other undesirable blood-lines. Well…:

[NOTE: Bill Gates is a third generation Eugenicist. His father was head of Planned Parenthood. The Eugenics agenda of depopulation and the intentional re-making of human nature and evolution has yet to leave his family.]

3rd — Gates knows that, if vaccines are used properly, they will not cause a decline in global population: they will lead to an increase in population — because they will save lives that would have otherwise been lost to disease! In reality, Gates is using his vaccine programs to sterilize women against their will — which will lead to a reduction in global population:


[NOTE: There are many sources that will claim these accusations have been debunked, but we need to be aware that every single source I found is directly connected to Gates or Soros. One should not trust any exoneration of an accused man when that accused man funds and controls the organization that is saying he is not guilty.]

So, one has to ask themselves:

Exactly how does one reduce a population that does not need to be reduced by using a medical treatment that is supposed to save lives and, thus, lead to increased global population?

Well??? 🙂


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