LESSONS IN LOGIC: How Can We Decide Between The Two Sides Of The COVID Vaccine Debate?

It’s past time I address this issue, and I’ll do my best to keep it short, simple and crystal clear. All of the following are absolutely true and can actually be verified by you — if you’ll just do a little research without using Google or the corporate social media:

–No matter your age or health, you have a 99.4% chance of surviving COVID.

–If you recover from COVID, your natural antibodies are far more effective than the shots.

The government and its partners in corporate media, social media, education system and the pharmaceutical industry all tell us these vaccines are safe and effective.

All four of these groups are known liars! All three have been caught lying — repeatedly — and it has increased in recent years.

The injections are not vaccines — they are experimental, genetic programming therapies using artificial RNA strands.

These injections have not been thoroughly tested (the FDA even admits this in their own approval).

In fact, all previous attempts to properly test mRNA injections were shut down by the FDA because people or the test animals died.

The FDA did not approve anything, they played a legalized word game and then falsely declared the vaccines safe and approved.

–Pfizer actually injected and counted people who already had natural immunity to increase the efficacy rating of their shot to get this falsified approval.

–The CDC is not a government organization; it is a private corporation funded largely by the money it makes off of patents that it filed using government funding.

There is no ‘settled science’ here. There are plenty of well-known, highly-accredited doctors who speak clearly, calmly and with great detail in explaining the dangers of these shots.

–The man who won the Nobel Prize for inventing the mRNA technology is urging global governments to stop with the injections.

–The man who won the Nobel Prize for inventing PCR testing says they are intentionally misusing it to create excess positive COVID numbers

–The same man also says the technology cannot determine the difference between COVID-19 and the ‘Delta’ variant.

In fact, the real science advocates against the shots.

Science has also proven that the masks do no good, and that they even cause harm to children.

–The data also shows that the vaccinated are a greater risk to the unvaccinated — not the other way around.

The lock-downs are also causing damage to the mental health of society as a whole.

Israel and Sweden are two foreign test cases, as are New York City and North West Florida region — all of which favor natural immunity over the shots.

The data has proven you can still catch COVID — even after the shot and both boosters.

The data shows you can still die from COVID — even after the shot and both boosters.

The data also shows that the numbers being reported regarding COVID deaths cannot be trusted.

–The data is proving that Ivermectin, Hydroxicholoquine and the z-pack are safe, cheap, plentiful and effective preventative and early treatment therapies for COVID

–Ivermectin actually won the Nobel Prize for medicine because of how safe and effective it is in treating a wide variety of ailments.

–Hydroxichloroquin has been in safe use world-wide for more than 100 years.

–The U.S. government stockpiled Hydroxichloroquine after the last SARS outbreak for use in a future outbreak of an air-born respiratory virus — just like COVID

–The ‘Big Pharma’ alternatives are expensive, and the companies are getting wealthy off taxpayer money.

The numbers also show that the numbers being reported regarding new cases of COVID are — at best — misleading.

The numbers also show that hospitals that report being over-run are not always full, they are full to their capacity of available beds due to staff shortages. Lack of staff = fewer beds that can be used.

The ‘pro-vaxers’ refuse to allow any opposing voices to be heard, banning them from speaking and scrubbing their videos.

The ‘pro-vaxers’ are destroying the lives of anyone who opposes them and their agenda.

The ‘pro-vaxers’ are going so far as to advocate that people who refuse the shots be housed in concentration camps — or even shot (yes, they have said these things, and it has actually gone so far that the camps have started in Australia).

People are being injured and have even died from these shots.

The global economy is being deliberately destroyed through the lock-downs and mandates.

They even have national radio adds talking about the Global Reset, and how we can build a newer, better, more inclusive society in the wake of COVID.

The ‘pro-vaxers’ are lead by a man with no medical training, who is a third generation Eugenicist, and who has openly boasted about how he can use vaccines to depopulate the world.

–The mandates — by government and businesses — are illegal! The emergency authorization act used to approve these experimental shots states — 7 times — that the shots cannot be forced on people who do not want to take them — no ‘exemptions’ required (read the law, folks).



I can keep going, but I’ll stop here — and I didn’t even mention any of the other factors I have had reported to me by trusted source, but I could not verify. No have I listed any of the more insidious agendas of the ‘pro-vax’ crowed, or of the history of the mRNA technology.



The shots do appear to provide some measure of prevention against death if you catch COVID after having been vaccinated — but only for a very short, specific window of time. After that, you need another booster.



Everything I just listed is absolutely, 100% FACT — PERIOD! I will not listen to anyone — no matter what credentials they claim — who tries to argue otherwise. The statements above have even been made by ‘pro-vax’ sources. You just have to put the corporate media away and spend some time looking for the information they are hiding from you.

So, what is the rational choice? If you are simply looking at this logically, the answer is easy: DO NOT GET THE SHOT (unless — maybe — you are in a very high-risk category).

However, if you read all of this, are not in a high-risk category, and you still opt for the shot… Well, I’m not going to condemn you, but neither am I going to count you as rational — because you have gone against simple logic and the actual facts of the issue.

2 thoughts on “LESSONS IN LOGIC: How Can We Decide Between The Two Sides Of The COVID Vaccine Debate?

  1. My dad got both shots back in January…I tried to convince him not to, but he didn’t believe me. Me and him-along with my mom-all got sick with covid in August (thankfully we have fully recovered). Do you know if the shots from earlier this year can/are still causing damage to his body?

    1. I honestly do not know how long the shots may cause harm to the body. I’m not 100% sure they do. Contrary to what the members of ‘The Branch COVIDIANS’ may believe, I do not just accept everything these other Dr.’s are telling us about the vaccines being harmful. To be totally honest, my biggest concern is in the fact that we are using artificial RNA to mess with individual DNA under the assumption that it will work the same in all patients. IT WILL NOT! This is because all patients do not have the same DNA! I mean, come on: don’t these people watch ANY of the zombie or pandemic movies their counter-parts in Hollywood put out? This is how those things all start: some arrogant fools playing God with things they do not understand.

      As for your father: I know he does not think much of my opinion on most matters (especially the Scriptures). But I am convinced enough about the danger of these vaccines that my wife and I are both prepared to give up her job if they try to mandate them — even if we have to move to a small home. We WILL NOT take that thing — PERIOD! And, if I were your father, I would never take another shot again — especially since, after having had it and recovered, he now has better immunity than the shots have ever provided to anyone (this is now a KNOWN FACT!!!)

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