The Time Is NOW!

Dear Readers,

The people who have seized control of our government, our social institutions, our corporate media and our major corporations all work together. Many of them were or are lead by people who were part of the hippie counter-culture. They have sought a Communist revolution since they were children, and their lust for it has only grown stronger over time. They tried in their youth — and failed. They failed because America was different then, but they didn’t give up on their plans. They went into hiding and studied revolutions. They identified the key positions they needed to make it happen, and now they have them. Worse, they turned many of our children and grand children into receptive automatons. And now, the elder generation cannot trust the government, the watch dog media, the schools or universities, the police, the military or even corporate America. Everywhere we look, we see people in power who are — by definition — delusional and/or insane. At no time in history has a nation faced such moral decay and survived. And, at no time in history has tyranny ever surrendered peacefully or been voted out of power. So, if you want to stay free, the time to push back is NOW! Start resisting — why there is still time to do it without bloodshed.

How do we resist? Well, the answers are easy to share, but they will require your time, money and — in all likelihood — personal sacrifice. I know it is easy for me to say, but I am telling you with as much certainty as I know the sun will rise tomorrow: we either start to unite in the following ways, or we will be left with no choice but surrender, or open warfare on America’s streets. If you know anything at all about history, hopefully you know that, the last time we did this, it was and remains the bloodies war this nation ever fought. So, pick something and stand up.

Look to the countless examples of push-back against school boards for the mask mandates and critical race theory agenda.

It’s good to take your children out of public schools, it’s better to take those schools away from the tyrants. Get active in local elections!

Resist the mask mandates. Just do not comply. Make them arrest you if necessary.

If you are arrested for not wearing a mask, file a law suit. NO! A corporation or LLC CANNOT mandate a mask. They are a creation of the public trust and thus, they are subject to the same Constitutional restraints as the government.

File as many suits against individuals as possible. NO! Government officials do not have sovereign immunity. The second they break the law or violate their oaths, that protection is forfeit.

Consider suing to make these individuals into indentured servants if you win. YES! That is still a legal possibility. They never removed it from the law! Use it!

Sue the individual cop who arrests you illegally. See the above. He is NOT protected. Make him pay.

PRIMARY EVERYONE! There is no one worth re-electing at the Federal level. NO ONE! NOT ONE! If there were, they would have filed articles of impeachment and legal objections to the stolen elections. It does not matter if they are doomed to fail, people worth your vote do the right thing and leave the result to YHWH!

Stop doing business with major corporations. I know you cannot do this everywhere in your life, but anywhere and everywhere you can, DO IT!!

Cancel subscriptions. Switch to smaller companies that do not have as much power. Look for and support mom and pop shops — NO MATTER HOW MUCH MORE IT COSTS!

If you can’t afford extra to shop AMERICAN — DO WITHOUT!

Turn off ALL corporate media. They are lying to you anyway.

GET OFF BIS SOCIAL! Yeah, they are bigger and better. SO WHAT! Go help the alternatives build a better platform that has freedom.

Open that wallet. These folks trying to build an alternative system are doing what you won’t. Help them by buying from them or — when possible — donating to their efforts.

Stand up and speak out when you see a wrong. Refuse to be silent any longer.

Support and encourage each other.

The time is here, now: either put up or shut up; walk the talk, or shut your yap.

Now decide: do you really mean everything you say about what you believe, or not? If so, then it is your turn to stand on the wall, and yes, it may hurt. In fact, it probably will. But, if you are the person you claim to be, can you really live with yourself if you just shrink back into the shadows and cower why yet another brave AMERICAN pays the price for the freedom you demand? I can’t. I didn’t. I have stood in the breach and — to be honest — I am ready to stand in it again. So long as it is for righteousness, and I do it according to HIS laws, I am content to die in the defense of Liberty. Because, if it is not stopped now, the tyranny growing in this country today will make Hitler, Stalin and Mao look like alter boys.

HOWEVER, IF YOU FIND YOU HAVE TO WEAR A MASK (or if it helps with any of the above), DO IT THIS WAY 🙂

14 thoughts on “The Time Is NOW!

  1. Joe, we are doing what we can in our small arena… my wife took early retirement due to mask mandate … I relinquished my part time work / in education due to masking…we support businesses that do not mask … we just signed up for MDVIP… visited doctor in town about 12-15 miles from us… not under corporate umbrella… $1800.00 per year per person… several perks that will be worth the extra cost … for example 2 physicals per year per person…the stand MUST be now if our children / grandchildren are to experience liberty… The Lord of Hosts will lead us …TY, Joe for your positions and clarity …Robert

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    1. I know you do your part, as do my wife and I. That’s all that is required: for everyone to do what they can when they can. Just don’t settle with ‘enough.’ Look for every possible way to push back or make it harder on them to succeed. Pile on and make it hurt, just do it in a way Yeshua would approve.

      1. I’ve read your blog for a long time, commented every now and then. But I have to say, you are clearly off the mark on this one. Someone has to have to courage to to physically confront these little satans, your recommendations are very weak. This is clearly the old tale my dad use to explain to my brothers and I, you deal with a bully by smashing his face in, speak the only language they understand. Elections are a joke, little pathetic boycotts of their businesses have no effect on them and on and on… These Satan worshippers have no fear of anything they do…. come on Joe, when you rally the troops….

        1. Thanks for the comment. First, let me say this: I UNDERSTAND! Seriously, the old Marine in me is ready to stack bodies. HOWEVER, having studied the American and French Revolution, I am 100% positive that — if we go that route — we will hand them exactly what they want…and we will lose.

          I have been asked what religion has to do with The Road to Concord. That just demonstrates the ignorance of our own history. The Founders were children and grandchildren of the Great Awakening. They were extremely religious. Adams flat-out told us that they united around the central tenants of Christ’s Gospel — because they could not unite around anything else. Well, today, we can’t even unite around that, so how are we going to keep a moral anchor and appeal to YHWH as our judge if we don’t even follow His Laws anymore? The answer is, we won’t because we can’t.

          That leaves the French Revolution, where they didn’t stop until the horror of seeing 8 and 10 y/o children beheaded in the streets finally put an end to the slaughter. And look where France is now: totally secular, totally lost to the Spirit of the Age. So, I understand you, I just disagree with you — because I know BOTH the Scriptures AND our history. I just pray I will not lose you because we disagree, because, if things do not go the way I have urged… Well, then the time to do it your way will come and I hope to have all the allies next to me I can muster, as I suspect you will, yourself.

          1. The old proverb about the fellow sitting on the roof of his flooding house… two different boats come by and ask him if he needs help, he replies “the LORD” will save me. Finally with the rising water about to sweep him to his death, a helicopter flies over head and drops him a rope to grab and fly to safety. He rejects the offer only to say “the LORD” will help me. After drowning to death, he asks the LORD why did he die? “I trusted in you”. The LORD said “don’t be mad at me…. I gave you the 2nd Amendment and a found document (Declaration of Independence) that clearly you cowards should have used , but you were too coward to act”. Sorry Joe, I know history and scripture as well as you,
            Revelation 21:8
            So thankful the Black Robe Regiment were full of courage and preached rebellion.
            You don’t subscribe to the incorrect interpretation of Romans 13 do you?

          2. I have to say, your comment saddens me. You question my understanding of both Scripture and history, and in the process, you unknowingly prove me correct! Sad that you do not see it, especially for someone who claims to have followed my blogging for a long time.

            I have been asked why I would talk ‘Bible’ on a blog dedicated to the founding principles of this Nation. The answer is easy, but most will not understand it. The American Revolution was the culmination of a great many years of RELIGIOUS awakening. We call it ‘The Great Awakening’ for that very reason. Had it not been for the awakening of those moral sentiments, this nation would never have been. But it did happen, and so, when the time came, our Founders were able to rally round and act according to the principles of sound Biblical doctrine.

            Now, I ask you: Where do you see that depth of religious understanding and unity ANYWHERE in the West today? And how — without it — do you propose we embark on anything even approaching a RIGHTEOUS cause with respect to law or liberty? We would not succeed! We would charge head-long down the path France traveled — at best. Also, in the process of following France, we would plant both feet firmly in the cross hairs of 2 Thessalonians 2’s Man of Lawlessness.

            Our Founders left us with there wisdom, if we’ll heed it:

            “The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations … This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution.

            The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God.”

            –John Adams

          3. BTW: I’m not sure how your ‘proverb’ applies? But, if it does, I think it has already come and gone. For example: we were given the option of a man who may not have given our enemies a hard time, but he was dedicated to the law. But we wanted Trump instead of Cruz because we wanted to see the other side take some licks for a change. I can think of several such examples since Reagan, so, maybe, YHWH did send those things and we rejected them because we were the flip side of the same coin we claimed to oppose and just couldn’t see it for the plank in our own eyes.

            Also, Scripture neversays that YHWH helps those who help themselves. Quite the opposite, in fact. It tells us to be still and let YHWH fight for us. But that only works if we are righteous, which brings us right back to the point I keep trying to help you see: we are not righteous, and until we turn back and sincerely repent, not only will we remain unrighteous, but we will remain unworthy of our liberty. After all, Romans 13 is — in part — about YHWH giving people the government they deserve. By what line of reasoning should we expect a ‘good’ government for an unrighteous people? Nay, I say we have the government we deserve because we are wicked and undeserving of anything better. So, rather than pick up arms, I’d urge all of us to hit our knees.

      2. I’ve read your blog for a long time, commented every now and then. But I have to say, you are clearly off the mark on this one. Someone has to have to courage to to physically confront these little satans, your recommendations are very weak. This is clearly the old tale my dad use to explain to my brothers and I, you deal with a bully by smashing his face in, speak the only language they understand. Elections are a joke, little pathetic boycotts of their businesses have no effect on them and on and on… These Satan worshippers have no fear of anything they do…. come on Joe, when you rally the troops….

  2. Why do talk so arrogantly? I proved you right? Wow. Let me be clear. I understand the American Revolution as well as you do. I am very aware of the Great Awakening period. I am aware that the drum beat and preaching of the Black Robed Regiment fanned the flames of rebellion. I totally disagree with you that folks back then were far more righteous than now a days. What I do not like is how you talk down to people like you have some superior intelligence. Pride comes before the fall. You have quite a bit of pride in how you speak.
    I simply began this conversation with a differing opinion from one of your blog posts. I pray that you will humble yourself in the sight of the LORD… so that he may lift you up. 😉

    1. I do not mean it to be arrogant, but you provided a perfect illustration of the point I have been trying to show you. Why should I ignore it? I have always dealt with fact and Truth openly and frankly on this page. I expected that, as a long time reader, you were already aware of this. I apologize if you missed it.

      Neither am I trying to talk down to you. I’d have rather not have had to explain everything I have explained in our exchange — especially since a great deal of it has been previously addressed in previous posts. For example, the Black Robed Regiment did not fan the flames of rebellion in the way you seem to think. They actually famed the flames of justice. The Declaration of Independence is written in the form of an International Legal Complaint of the times, and it even appeals to the Highest Authority in this Universe to be the judge in their case against the Crown.

      Finally, I’ll accept your accusations. I disagree with them, but then, you cannot see me, or hear my voice as I write in my head, so you have only my words by which to judge my attitude — and you have clearly rejected my claims to sincerity and my wish not to offend. But that is on you, my friend, not me. I have granted you everything you said, and you started by telling me that I was the one in the wrong (or have you forgotten that already) — and you have not moved from that position since. So, OK, I’ll be all the things you claim, and I apologize for offending you and I’ll leave it at that.

  3. Correct, I did begin by telling you that you were wrong on this one. I stand by it. Let me say this before I go any further, and I do think we will agree,…
    The churches have so much fault in this mess we are in as a nation. I often wonder what Alexis de Tocqueville would think of our churches and pulpits now??? I hardly believe he would be impressed. After all, it was his opinion that the blazing pulpits were what made America great. And yes, King George did give credit or blame (however you want to look at it) for the Black Robed Regiment being responsible for the uprising and rebellion. With whatever flavor you want to color it, they were still the ones responsible for it, whether the was teaching righteousness or natural law. I know history as well 😉. Now with that being said, your ideas at the beginning of this post are not accurate. Remember, this is a subjective topic, not objective. The crazy folks on the left ( and you did correctly identify them as the hippie generation) have waged war against the America and ideals that you and I both love and cherish. But there is no way in Hades they can be dealt with in any other manner than the only language they understand… and as you mentioned “stacking bodies”. You see Joe, everyone has the emotion of fear at some level. Even the old hippies. They need to have some fear instilled in their hearts. Your suggestions as to how we should conduct ourselves with them does not achieve this objective. I am not one who takes their ball and leaves. I am still checking your blogs out daily.

    1. Yes, we agree on the importance of America’s pulpits in regard to the Revolution. We just disagree as to what they preached. It may seem a distinction without difference, but I believe there is a world of difference between preaching resistance to tyranny and open rebellion. You see, aside from Yeshua and His Church, we have two other examples — Gandhi and MLK Jr. Both followed the same approach I espoused (I mean, where do you think I got the idea from?), and both succeeded.

      We also agree that the modern church has fallen down. In fact, I think it is openly apostate (for the most part, anyway). But this is prophetic. That said, we must understand Ephesians 6 is very real. We are fighting spiritual princes. Liberals/Progressives/etc are just their footmen. Yes, we need to fight them, but, if we do not fight them spiritually, we will lose. We can stack Satan’s soldiers for weeks and never gain an inch. This is because, if we do not fight the battle as YHWH and His Son teach us to fight it, They will not fight for us; and if YHWH and the Son do not fight for us, we are already lost.

      So, back to my suggested path of resistance. I offered it against my own desires — because it is the only possible path to success afforded us at this time. By now, I know you will disagree. This is fine. But, if we were to do it your way, around what would we rally? What are the ideas which will bind and hold the rebellion together? Who is going to lead it? What will you fight for? How will you fight the spiritual hand behind the physical government if you take matters into your own hands? Please — seriously — do you have any answers to these questions? I would be interested in hearing them if you do.

  4. Joe, I am clearly talking about resisting open tyranny. I am sorry if you did not pick up on that. I am convinced one of the larger issues that is crippling the church is the misinterpretation of Romans 13 as I mentioned previously. Preachers have become such cowards in their incorrect teaching of this topic.
    “ 3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil.”. .. This is clearly not happening and our preachers are not enlightening the congregation. I clearly believe that if the pulpits were ablaze with righteousness once again. That would be your rally point. Resistance against tyranny can never happen until this takes place.

    1. I am not sure, but I suspect you and I differ greatly on how we understand Romans 13. Romans 13 says every believer is to be subject to authority: to surrender to it. But the same passage commands us to ‘do good.’ Scripture defines doing good as obeying TORAH (TORAH is not the same thing as the Law of Moses — lest anyone get confused here). Most times, following TORAH will place a believer in opposition to civil laws. SO, how do we make sense of Paul telling us to obey YHWH while, at the same time, submitting to civil authority — even if the civil authority tells us we must disobey YHWH? The answer is in the picture of the believers going willingly to the lions, singing and praising YHWH the whole way.

      Caesar told the believers to disobey and even renounce YHWH. They refused. They did what was right and remained faithful. But neither did they rebel. Instead, they submitted to the civil authority which, in this case, meant they didn’t resist their executions — even by lions. Now, to our sensibilities, this seems the wrong way. But look at what happened. After a while, even the blood-thirsty Romans grew revolted by the blood shed while, at the same time, being moved by the strength of a faith so strong, it would willingly go to the death, praising YHWH. This is part of what changed the world, and it is the same pattern reflected in the abuse suffered by MLK’s people, and by Gandhi’s followers.

      You see, to be ‘subject’ to does not mean to obey, but neither does Romans tell us to rebel, nor to resist the penalty for disobedience. It commands us to do as YHWH and His Son command, and — if that places us in jeopardy of the civil authorities — to subject ourselves to whatever penalty results from being obedient to YHWH. This is why I argue for this path: because — Scripturally — only a nation can rightfully rebel. If the people do it, then they are acting lawlessly and YHWH will not favor their efforts. But, when a People declare themselves a nation, set up leaders and rebel as a nation, then they act in accordance with YHWH’s Laws. This is what the Founders did, and it is why they succeeded. The French revolted as a mob, and they lost. This is also why I asked you those questions you ignored. Lest we set up a new government, or withdraw back to the State governments, anything we do will be as a mob, and — by YHWH’s righteousness — the government will become His servant to put us down — just as Romans 13 says.

      BTW: This is why the North was wrong in the War of Northern Aggression: because the South acted as a nation, and the North moved to assert its will over that of the South, and for nothing more than monetary gain. It is also why, until Lincoln converted and started to seek YHWH’s will, the North lost every battle. It was not until Lincoln — as the leader of the North — bowed his knee and started to act according to Scripture that YHWH relented and the North won the war. Which, once again, brings me back to my original post. Every example given to us tells us it is the way I suggest or failure. If you think I am wrong, that’s your prerogative. But I still have not seen you offer a single historic example of a rebellion along the lines you suggest that succeeded in freeing the People. Until you can offer one, I am not moving from my position.

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