It’s Time I Put Facebook Away

I lost another friend last night. I don’t mean that he and I will no longer be friendly, because I have no intention of turning my back on him. However, I do not believe I will ever see or think of him in the same way I did before last night. I used to think of this man as one of the few who understood, and who was still willing to pay the price necessary to hold the line. I was wrong. In fact, I’ve lost a great many friends recently, and there is a common thread running through each and every one of these losses: Facebook.

I haven’t posted anything to my timeline since the event last night. After taking time to really think about what I have been doing there, I’m not sure I will post anything to my timeline ever again. In all my time on Facebook, I cannot tell you — for certain — that I have won anyone to my way of looking at things. In fact, I can’t even think of a time where I managed to change someone’s mind about anything I discussed on Facebook. However, I can say the following with absolute certainty:

I have lost many friends because of Facebook.

I have lost a great deal of what little faith I still had in my fellow Man because of Facebook.

I have damaged my personal credibility because of Facebook.

I have noticed the growing attacks upon me by the Enemy through Facebook’s deliberate insertion of its propaganda into my Facebook feed.

I have noticed how these attacks weaken me and erode my resolve.

But, worst of all, I have tarnished my witness for the Lord because of Facebook.

I actually sat down and wrote these things out on paper. Then I wrote a list of things that argue against me spending any more time on Facebook. Here is what I put on the other side of my list of pros and cons:

There are other social media sites I can use in place of Facebook.

I still have my blog; I do not need Facebook to voice my opinions.

I know how to email or even call my friends and family, I do not need Facebook to do these things.

I would still have stronger feelings of friendship toward a great many people were in not for what I learned about them on Facebook.

I feel better when I take breaks from Facebook.

My relationships with other people are better when I am not on Facebook.

The Enemy has to work hard to gather information to be used against me when I am not on Facebook.

The Enemy has to work harder to damage my witness when I am not on Facebook.

Best of all, I am a stronger believer and a better servant when I am not on Facebook.

For me, the calculus here is easy: I need to put Facebook away. I am not saying I am going to close my account, or even that I will never sign on again. But I am saying I need to make it one of the smallest parts of my life. It is what is best for me.

I’ve shared all of this with others, privately. I have been surprised by how many people push back against me. They offer many reasons: Facebook is convenient for them; they can reach more people on Facebook; they need Facebook for their business; none of the other social media sites are as good as Facebook; other social media sites cost money where Facebook is free; etc., etc.. The truth is, I’ve used these same excuses on myself, but now I realize this is just what they are — excuses!

The truth, or rather, Truth is that I am undermining everything in which I claim to believe just by signing on to Facebook. To begin with, Zuckerberg stole the company from others, so, using Facebook supports theft. The site started as and has always been a vehicle by which Zuckerber can spy on people. Using Facebook condones the intrusion into other peoples’ privacy. Zuckerberg also uses his stolen spy company to freeze others out of the market. This means that, by using Facebook, I am helping to fund the destruction of the free market. Then there are all the Spiritual reasons I shouldn’t be on Facebook.

This brings me to those complaints about other social media sites. I do not care if they are not as user-friendly, or have as many people on them. I do not care if I have to pay for them. If I am not going to be a hypocrite, then I need to put my business where my mouth is. If this means my money, as well as just my time, then so be it. If the things I claim to believe are not worth such a small price as a smaller audience or a few dollars a month for a service others are working to provide to me, then I’m no better than the people I criticize. Well, I hate hypocrisy — especially in myself!

Therefore, from this point forward, if you care to know what I think about things, follow my blog. If you want anything my company offers, follow my company’s blog. If you want my opinion on something, email me. If you want to let me know about something important in your life, call me. If you need me, call me. Just don’t look for me on Facebook anymore. I’ll keep Messenger — for now — but, eventually, even that will fall into disuse. We can text, email and call each other, but I will not be a willing part of something that is trying to destroy everything I know and love and have sacrificed to preserve in this material world.

Good-bye, Facebook.


Watch the first few minutes of the following video. The whole video is worth watching, but Steve addresses why he is leaving Facebook in the first few minutes. I would have posted this link when I originally wrote this post, but I hadn’t seen the video yet. When I watched it after writing this post, I knew it was affirmation of my post. Maybe it will speak to you the same way?

Kristi Noem Is a Shameless Corporatist Shill | Guest: Brian Festa | 8/26/21

3 thoughts on “It’s Time I Put Facebook Away

  1. I left Facebook before Christmas 2020. I used my platform to put up articles of info that I thought friends/family should have access to because they were not on msm. I usually refrained from making a comment or intro on the pieces I posted. I wanted to offer diversity of thought. Read it or not, but at least another view was presented.

    A month earlier, in November, I was permanently suspended from Twitter, because I crossed some line, I don’t even remember now. Probably a #stopthesteal or something like that. Once that happened, I took a hard look at Facebook. I posted that I had been suspended from Twitter, and that my posts on Facebook were being censored or had warnings attached to them, or even more sneakily being posted just so I could see them, and not my group. I got very few responses and NO concern for the censorship. That did it for me. For all the reasons you mentioned, I decided I did not want to support FB, a platform that censored, any longer.

    I have fewer engagements with my friends, but really, compared to severe censorship, how important are the exchanges of virtual pics and thumbs up and heart emojis? Are they really meaningful? I feel more out of the loop, because I am not getting real communication from friends that I thought would. Even so, I am proud to stand on principle and stop feeding the beast of FB and Twitter. I am now on Telegram and Gab, and CloutHub, Rumble, Bitchute. I don’t see any of my friends there, so I guess they are content to remain with the status quo.

    So Bravo B3A! Good move!

    1. Thank you for the kind words of support. You can find me on Gab under B3A. I am looking at going Pro on Gab, and maybe even using them to start my live-cast. I’ll also be setting up a Rumble and Bitchute account soon, and posting my videos there, as well. I am hoping to start something similar to what Bongino was doing on Rumble before he started with live radio. We’ll just have to see. Money is tight here, and these things will cost, but, before anyone brings it up, let me say this: I am NOT going to ask for or accept help right now. I will trust in the Lord to provide through my job until I actually have a platform worth supporting. Then we’ll revisit the whole idea of money because, honestly, I do not do any of this for financial gain.

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