CONNECTING THE DOTS: Global Chaos Is By Design

Dear Reader,

Have you noticed the growing chaos in our world?  Do you think it is because of incompetent people?  I hope not, because this chaos is by design, and the people behind it are dancing to the tune of a highly competent intelligence.  Give me a second and I’ll explain.

First, this is how ‘the world’ sees and tries to understand/explain things:

But the Spiritual explanation is much different and infinitely simpler to explain — if you know about the ancient concept of deity.  In the ancient world, a god was an entity or being who could bring order out of chaos.  In many cases, that was exactly how you earned the right to claim deity: by imposing order on disorder.  Whether we want to recognize it or not, this is still how things work in the unseen realm: the Spiritual World.  But there is a catch.

YHWH created this universe and set it to work according to His laws.  The ancient Greeks called the laws by which the Creator governed the universe by a word we should all recognize; ‘Logos.’  How many of you know John 1:1?

John 1:1  New American Standard Bible

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Are you aware that, in the Greek, it says:

In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with YHWH, and the Logos was YHWH.

Why is this important, and how is it connected to the subject at hand?  The answer is simple, yet profound.  Yeshuah (‘Jesus’) is the Logos made flesh — the ordered mind of YHWH (‘God’).  He represents all of the Creators Laws and, as such, the governing order of this world.  So, before another spiritual being can lay claim to being a deity, that being must first destroy Yeshua — both in the flesh and Spiritually.  Now, ask yourself: ‘What would it look like if a spiritual being tried to destroy YHWH’s Logos in the flesh and Spiritually?’

Once again, the answer is simple:

It would look like a crucifixion and chaos.

Have we seen Christ crucified?  Yes!  It is the single most affirmed event in human history (see Lee Strobel’s, ‘A Case for Christ’ for the proof of this fact).  Have we seen a growth in chaos — both now, and in the past?  Yes!  We are seeing a growth in global chaos today and, if we look, we will see a pattern of chaos throughout history.  The key is in understanding what lies behind the chaos.

The force behind the push for chaos is The Spirit of the Age.  Daniel called him, The Prince Who Is to Come.  I am not sure whether this is Satan, himself, or just one of his lieutenants, but I know it is an evil spirit who pushes men into doing its bidding.  This spirit is trying to create global chaos so that it can create the necessary foundation by which it can enforce its own order on that chaos and, thus, claim to be a god.  It is that simple.  The reason we don’t see it this way today is because of the Great Delusion foretold by the Apostle, Paul, in 2 Thessalonians. 

Many people have identified many things as being this great delusion but, personally, I think it is nothing more complicated than spiritual blindness.  For whatever reasons, we have convinced ourselves that the spiritual world is a myth, thereby blinding our spiritual eyes.  Well, if your eyes are blind, then you cannot see; so, if your spiritual eyes are blind, how can you see spiritual things?  You can’t, and the Spirit of the Age is taking full advantage of this delusion as he no longer even bothers to hide.  He has started to walk down main street, naked and in broad daylight — and people not only don’t see him for what he is, they champion him as their hero.  If you doubt me, ask yourself these questions:

When did white replace black as the ‘cool’ color, or the color of the ‘good’ guys?

When did the evil Darth Vader replace Luke as the hero in the Star Wars saga?

Why can’t wee see abortion as modern Moloch worship?

Why can’t we recognize Ishtar in the Star Bucks logo?

I could continue with these sort of examples all day long but, if you do not see the Truth behind these four, then what good is it to list more?  Either a person has eyes to see and ears to hear — or they don’t!

3 thoughts on “CONNECTING THE DOTS: Global Chaos Is By Design

  1. No doubt the plan is to destroy Faith and Family in America to be replaced by an all knowing and caring government because; “it’s for your safety”.
    Anyone that gives up Liberty for temporary security deserves neither Liberty nor security.

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