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I tried to post this link on Facebook, but they labeled it as ‘SPAM.’ Well, it may be, but I have never been one to limit information. I’d prefer to cast the widest possible net, then use logic and right reasoning to weed out the wheat from the chaff. So, here is the link FB refuses to let me post. Watch for yourself, listen to it closely, then decide for yourself.

NOTE: I am not going to say that I support the claims made in this video, but — to me — these two men seem to be much more open and knowledgeable (especially about fine details) than anything I am told by the people pushing the mask mandates, ‘vaccines’ and lock-downs. Now, on the surface, this does not mean anything. However, when one side of an is willing to give you specific details and to explain their reasoning in detail, and are able to do so smoothly and without a lot of searching for words or consulting notes, but the other side of the issue cannot or will not do any of that… Well, experience has taught me that the side that cannot do these things, while they may not be wrong, they are most likely hiding something from you.

3 thoughts on “IN THE HEADLINES: COVID-19 Evolution

    1. Yeah, right. I do not trust the CDC — especially when the use language like this. I know they are run by the remnants of the Eugenics movement, and I have read far too much of their literature to fall for this language. Folks can call me whatever name they like, but this is an open declaration of intent (or at least consideration for) the use of camps to house their enemies based on COVID excuses.

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