Stop Confusing Personal Bigotries with Racism!

If you will please excuse me, I am going to charge head-long through a politically and emotionally charged minefield in an effort to help whoever will take the time to actually listen to and carefully consider what I have to say.  The goal here is to better understand what the modern issue of 'Racism' in … Continue reading Stop Confusing Personal Bigotries with Racism!

‘Democratic’ Socialism Is STILL Socialism

In my first post on Socialism, "What Is Socialism," I noted that there are those who will claim that 'democratic' Socialism is different from the Socialism I was describing.  These people would argue that, under 'democratic' Socialism, the People vote on their leaders and, therefore, 'democratic' Socialism does not represent the certain tyranny to which … Continue reading ‘Democratic’ Socialism Is STILL Socialism