In the past, I have attempted to respond to and counter comments that objected to my posts.  Too often, the person making an objection to my argument(s) either does not understand the rules of logic and reason, or does not care to use them.  The end result is usually a mess that only serves the purpose of people who  intentionally comment without regard to these rules.  Their purpose is not to learn, but to shut down the debate by making such a mess of things that no one can make sense of the conversation.  Besides, these discussions almost always end in a war of personal attacks.  All of this is a violation on Natural Law and, therefore, have no use on a page dedicated to Natural Law unless they are going to lead to some level of better understanding .

Unfortunately, in the past, I haven’t handled these conversations as ell as I might have.  When, after repeated request and warning, when a reader has demonstrated they have no desire to learn but only want to shut down the debate by confusing it, shouting it down and dragging it into a series of personal attacks, I have exercised my right to delete the thread with their comments and, if necessary, block further comments by that reader.  However, I have recently realized that I should have been looking for contentious readers who actually showed some desire to learn, or reads whose comments followed a classic pattern of deliberately trying to shut down the discussion so I could use them as teachable moments.

Therefore, I have started watching for opportunities to actually teach the rules of logic and right reasoning.  Rather than just cutting off their comments,if I find a reader whose exchange with me and the rest of the board indicates a willingness to understand, I will move their comments into a dedicated thread where we can illustrate the proper use of logic and right reason.  Also, if I find a reader whose comments demonstrate the classic pattern of a deliberate attempt to confuse, shout down and insult, I will drag their comments into a dedicated post where I can demonstrate the technique(s) that are used to silence opposition rather than engage in honest debate.

It is not my attention to single-out anyone on this board.  Therefore, if and when I chose a reader’s comments for such a post, I will delete them from the thread in which they were originally posted.  They will be moved to the dedicated post, and that reader will be known simply as ‘Reader.’  This is to protect the identity of any reader whose comments I intend to use in a teaching post.

All posts under this sub-page are what I consider to be teachable moments.