Contradiction and the Insanity of Marxist Ideology

NOTE TO THE READER: In the interest of full disclosure, I want to make it known beforehand that I am openly hostile to the idea of the dialectic, and for reasons which I hope I will soon make perfectly clear. Karl Marx developed a political theory he called 'dialectic materialism.'  A 'dialectic' is basically the … Continue reading Contradiction and the Insanity of Marxist Ideology

APPLIED LOGIC: The Contradiction

This post is intended to demonstrate how we can use our understanding of 'contradiction' in the real world.  We are going to use a factual claim that is often made by those on the American political Left.  It usually takes some form to the affect of: "There are no absolute truths!" Now, if we understand … Continue reading APPLIED LOGIC: The Contradiction

LESSONS IN LOGIC: The Contradiction

This is one of the fundamental principles of logic which everyone should know and understand, yet it is one of the principles that seem to be least known and understood.  In this short lesson, we will try to explain the basic principle of contradiction and what it means in relation to logic, reason and critical … Continue reading LESSONS IN LOGIC: The Contradiction